Upon the Altars of Gold
By Author Ostaro
Interview by Joshua Weber (J.W.)
Calumet Editions Publishers

Recently I was interviewed by Joshua Weber (J.W.) as the author of this work. Presented here is the transcript , Part 1 of the interview on YouTube for those who may not have access to YouTube.
In this Part 1 of 3, J. Weber discussed some aspects of this book.
It is hoped that this transcript will clarify and answer some of his questions that arise as result of this interview.

J.W.: Where did you decide to write this book?

Ostaro: I decided to write in Paris, France and laid the foundations by naming the articles in the contents. The blue print was made by using the Cabalistic system and later each topic was developed into articles as if by automatic writing. All the articles reflect a tinge of yoga that I practice.

J.W.: Some of the headings are very unusual like “Purple Dreams”. What are they?

Ostaro: Yes, “Purple Dreams” is an unusual title. It is ironical since nature works on the Cosmic Design of the Creator. Purple dresses were used by the rulers of the earth. Alas, purple dreams melt away, since they are temporary. Our dreams of glory and power do not sit well with what nature plans to do.
J.w.: You give great suggestions on how to lead a more balanced life. We need an example.
Ostaro: Saints live a balanced life. Their physical, mental and spiritual are in harmony with
Nature. Their diet is simple and mind calm. Their habits are in harmony with nature that
do not disturb the cosmic balance, but we live differently and hence the misery, failure
and pain. Our aims must not cause harm to others.
J.W.: You have an illustration called “The Quagmire Fix.” Explain to me what it is.
Ostaro: Quagmire Fix is a very valuable tool to get out of the most restricting environment.
It contains, in precise detail instructions of visualization that will help you to achieve your
goal of freedom and peace from restriction. It is a technique that must be followed
as directed in order to succeed.
J.W.: You say “People surrounding you can make or break you.” How can they? I run the show.
Ostaro: No, not quite. People whose vibes are different neutralize ours. And that creates problems, obstacles and even failure of plans. We must have harmony with our relatives and friends. They say: “we choose our friends, but God chooses our relatives.”
J.W.: Are you an idealist? What is your approach?
Ostaro: No, I am a realist, but in a practical way. I believe in living a balanced life within the natural laws. There must be a harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual. I eat a balanced diet and don’t drink. This is a practical philosophy approach. I am aware of the positive and negative cycles of energy. So there is no conflict with nature. I keep 20% energy in reserve before a negative cycle begins. All the extremes are bad for us. Avoid too many margaritas and vodka shots.
J.W.: What are the Biblical connotations in your book?
Ostaro: The list of contents is based on the Cabalistic system of numbers in the Bible. The entire approach and philosophy point to the esoteric realm and spiritual principles in action. And these are the Biblical connotations in the book. Read it slowly.
J.W.: You have wonderful sayings in the book. There are also affirmations towards the end. Do they work?
Ostaro: Affirmations work if you make them sincerely with faith and belief. Faith is the key. Affirm positive statements with your heart. Mind is very fickle and illusive.
J.W.: You are an astrologer, what is the most frequently asked question?
Ostaro: People want to know about their relationships and money. They want to know when they will find the right partner or make a ton of money. They ask: “will my book be a best seller?” or “when will I hit the jackpot?”

This ends Part one of the three transcripts. You can see the entire interview on YouTube, if you so wish.
Copyright by D. Ostaro in USA.

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