Dear Valued Friends and Clients:

Fulmer Sill is committed to continuing the important work we are doing for you amidst the coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. With the input and guidance from the State Department of Health (DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Fulmer Sill is implementing certain safety measures for everyone’s health and well-being. We will primarily be working remotely and will have access to our emails and voicemails. While our physical office will be closed, we will continue to serve our clients’ needs.

All phone calls made to the office will be routed to the individual extension number you choose, or you may opt to leave a general voicemail that will be checked daily and routed accordingly. However, we will not be able to transfer phone calls from one employee to the other. Calls you receive from us may be from a blocked number because employees will be using their personal phone lines.

Arrangements will be made, on a case-by-case basis, for any in-person meetings at your request.

While we recognize that working remotely can be a bit disruptive to you, it is essential that we prioritize the health and safety of all our clients, employees and respective families.

Fulmer Sill will continue to monitor this fluid situation and communicate as needed.

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I am Devin Herz, currently associated with Fulmersill. We believe everyone is equal under the law. We take pride in providing an unparalleled commitment to our clients, most of whom are individuals, families and small businesses who have been unfairly treated or tragically harmed by large corporations.

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