Whether it's from this lifetime, or from a lifetime past, there will always be some type of problem, program, fear, or "issue" that will need to be resolved--perhaps it would be more appropriate to say "dealt with and let go of" so that you can be free to move forward creating NEW experiences in your life, instead of staying "stuck" in the old experiences that continue to play out time and time again.

What exactly are your unresolved issues?? Why do you keep playing them out time and time again? It would be most helpful for you to become aware of what they might be. You'll find clues to what they are when you become irritated, agitated, upset, or angry with someone or something. Most likely you will blame that person or that situation, when they are merely a reflection of the "issue" that you have, an issue that is being played out and portrayed for you to pay attention to. Instead, why not bless that person or situation, for it is they who are leading you to the door of self-discovery-- it is they who are showing you the "issue" that needs to be healed within YOU.

There are many different issues that need resolving, but if you look closely at each one of them, they all lead you back to the same predominant issue--your perception that you lack the ability to create the experiences that you want in your life, that you are separated from your own Divinity, and that you are not even worthy to be connected to that Divinity...in essence, your perception of LACK of Divine Power. When you heal THAT issue, there will be no other issues for you to create, in order to see how truly ABUNDANT you are...no more need for a broken heart, no more need for feeling inadequate, no more need for feeling a burden, no more need for feeling you need to be perfect, no more need for betrayal, no more need for ISSUES.

So, the next time you become irritated, agitated, upset, or angry, take that moment to become aware. Take that moment to realize that your unresolved issues are not issues at all. They are merely questions that you have had the answers to all along...they are the guideposts leading you to the discovery of the power that resides within you.

The Angels

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Dorie Bowlin is a Spiritual Coach, Messenger, Metaphysician, and Reiki Master Teacher who receives messages from the Angelic Realm. To learn more about Dorie and to receive free daily Angel Messages in your email, visit www.powerwithin.us