120813_BUT_1The power of BUT is overwhelming when we don’t see it coming. Saying, “BUT” for any reason is calling upon a contradictory energy that cancels out any good you’ve done.

“I like what I did with this project today, BUT, I still have a lot of work to do.” You are saying that you want to advance more expediently. And, at the same time, you are dramatically influencing your creative outflow with contradictory energy. How can you say what you mean to say, without adding the word BUT? Keep on reading.

You have a pulse - a vital, vibrating, optimistic part of you – this pulse is always saying “YES” to life. This part of you knows exactly what to do in order to take care of business effectively. It knows what to think; it knows how to interpret what’s going on around you so it empowers you; it know the right and perfect response to every challenge that confronts you.


And then, what do you do? You get your energy flowing in the exact opposite direction than you want it going. You throw a big “BUT” in its path.

We’re good at shooting ourselves in the foot. “BUT” is one of the most popular words in any language today, and it’s a harmful bullet. Think of the last dozen times you said, “BUT.” Does it ever add dignity, positivity, or joy to a conversation?

“I like your shirt, BUT …”

“You played that piano piece very well, BUT …”

“It’s a great day out, BUT …”

“I’m looking forward to the holiday season, BUT …”

When has BUT possibly added anything of value to a conversation? What if you simply exchanged the word BUT for the word AND?

“I like your shirt, AND …

“You played that piano piece very well, AND …”

“It’s a great day out, AND …”

“I’m looking forward to the holiday season, AND …”

120813_BUT_3And now, addressing the original sentence with BUT in it (paragraph two, above):

“I like what I did with this project today, AND, I still have a lot of work to do.”

You can still add the recommendation, or add the helpful tip you have to offer, or make the comment that you want to make, AND now you don’t dampen the moment with a big, soggy BUT, which no one enjoys hearing.

This one tip can enhance your communication with others, your relationship with yourself, and your harmony with life. Sometimes the smallest tips make the biggest difference.

Try exchanging AND for BUT the next time you hear BUT coming up. It’s gotta feel better, and it ain’t gonna happen unless you make it happen. Did I just hear you say, “Yeah, BUT”?

Whatever you’re putting out there, the universe is going to reciprocate in like kind. BUT brings you nothing except trouble. Are you ready to rid yourself of that negative word? If it is to be, it is up to thee.



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