Years ago I met a man named Jamie who I was involved with for many years. He was trying to leave a spiritual group that he had been a part of for five years.

Before I met him I had no interest in this group. I would be in the bookstore and touch a book written by their leader and my intuition would tell me no, not for me.

I cared about this man so I wanted to go to the community and check it out. While we were there we watched a video of the leader giving a speech. As she spoke I felt a great energy and power coming off of the TV. This great charge of power was being emitted from the video!

I have worked as a Massage Therapist for thirty-five years and now realize that I am very kinesthetic. I “feel” energy with my hands and also within my being. Let me clarify that “energy” (Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone) is not “WuWu,” it is the life force that keeps us alive.

As time went on I watched Jamie struggle with his attempt to leave the group. He was being shamed and harassed by members of the group for his decision.

Jamie was a lover of Classical music. His father owned thousands of Classical albums. Part of the groups ideology was to repeat positive affirmations over and over at a high speed. The words of the affirmations were no longer distinguishable. Jamie referred to the sound like a “buzz saw.”

The ideas were honorable but also very hypnotizing. I began to feel like he had been mind controlled. He was agonizing about his decision and constantly attacked verbally by the other members.

I was very confused. Here I had felt incredible “power” from this woman just from a video.

At the time I was taking weekly classes of Tai Chi which is known as “moving meditation." I told my Tai Chi teacher of my dilemma She said, “You feel her power because she is powerful. But is she using her power for good or evil?”

Here was the explanation I needed. A great leader can be charismatic and seemingly all powerful like a Jim Jones, Hitler, or a Charlie Manson. In the case of a spiritual leader, people assume their leader receives their power from the Great Spirit. Discernment comes in when you ask yourself are they using their power to go good works or evil ones.

The messages we receive from TV and movies are being manipulated to suit the powerful people. There have been subliminal messages tucked into what we see all the time. We are being bombarded with messages that are not our own.
The “spin” is being provided as to the meaning that others would have you believe.

There is an old saying, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.”

Things are not as they seem. Powerful people are famous for tricking the masses.

Use your God given intuitive power to see where people are coming from. Use your eyes to witness their works. “By their works they are known.”

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Merry C. Battles is the author and illustrator of "Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26 - January 6" It is her 26 year meditation journey with the 12 holy days of Christmas. Her book can be used all year long as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac. Merry has worked in the Healing Arts since 1977. She has practiced the art of massage, cellulite massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and foot reflexology. Merry Is a Continuing Education Provider for Florida LMT'S. Her Intro courses in Jin Shin Jyutsu are open to all people.
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