The expertise of any professional magician lies in his spellbound tricks and techniques that keep you anticipating what will happen ahead. The atmosphere they create, which is further complimented by a loud cheer from the audience, dispels the doubt that all of it is just an illusion. It often seems that magicians can do things that defy all known laws of the universe. This is because magic is a specialized art that only experts can do. While some find magicians' skills fascinating, others consider it a puzzle that needs to be solved. Such people look to find the solution behind every trick the magician performs on stage. Here, we discuss the tricks and techniques of magic shows in Toronto that have mesmerized audiences throughout the years with their explanation.

1. Levitation

Street magicians have been performing this mentioned trick for a very long time. In this trick, a magician appears to be floating in the air, which keeps the audience wondering. They may hold a stick to demonstrate to the audience that they are actually above the ground and that the illusion is not just optical. People frequently stare in shock and consider it to be a miracle. However, there is a simple explanation for it.


The magician's distinctive clothing conceals two metal plates, and they use a prop to conceal a platform beneath him. They use carpets most of the time. In other words, while creating the appearance of grace, the magician is only sitting on a platform above the ground.

2. Card Through the Glass

On various magic shows in Toronto, we see different magicians passing a card through the window. This makes people wonder how a piece of plastic paper passes through a solid window panel.


This trick is very simple as it is just an optical illusion. It involves another person that holds a deck of similar cards on the other side of the window. To make things interesting, the magician will call a volunteer from the audience who draws a card. Then the magician tells the volunteer to show the card to the audience but not him. However, the card is visible to the person on the other side of the glass, who simply slaps it against the glass to make it appear as a magic trick.

3. Moving On to Water

If you see a magician walking easily on water, this doesn't mean that he has supernatural abilities. It simply means that he has a brain with which he is deceiving the audience. Around the world, magicians have performed this trick, which perplexed the audience about the explanation. Every time they move on water, you will gasp, but the magician doesn't disappear as you would have thought they would.


Although the magicians make every effort to appear to be having trouble while walking on water, they don't need to. Even though it sounds strange, they are simply attempting to make their performance seem more plausible. Special boxes are placed below the water's surface, transforming into invisible objects that serve as the main aids for the illusion. To ensure that people can walk safely, magicians place them precisely and close to one another.

4. The Guillotine

It's just clever trick magicians use at magic shows in Toronto to amuse the audience when they see someone being hacked by a guillotine but escaping unharmed.


The lower portion has hidden compartments, while the upper portion uses a real, lethal blade similar to the one found in a real guillotine. The magician's head and shoulders are not visible when the blade falls, thanks to small stop blocks that stop it from reaching the magician's neck.

5. Floating Woman

Another famous trick used by a variety of magicians around the world is the floating woman. They start by selecting a woman from the audience who lies on a table supported by two chairs. The woman stays perfectly positioned and suspended in the air as they slowly remove the two chairs, which would ordinarily cause her to fall. Some magicians will even trace the woman's body with a metallic hoop to demonstrate that cables do not support her.


In a literal sense, the magician holds the key to the trick. Conveniently, the table is attached to a metallic rod on which the magician stands. He ensures that the rod has enough pressure to ensure that the woman remains suspended in the air. In other words, the woman's body will continue to float in the air whether or not there are chairs because they are of no use in reality. The magician frequently uses the hoop to captivate the audience further to divert their focus from the rod.

Ever since the dawn of time, magic has fascinated people. Magic inspires people customarily in mysterious ways, from experts in the past to modern illusionists. But do you understand how they manage it? With the explanations mentioned above, it is clear how most magicians succeed in tricking people's minds.

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