The digital extravaganza has been rolling the industries for good since the last few years. There's no doubt about the abilities of digitization and technology as it has revamped the market. Both users and enterprises have been affected by it, but they are now expecting more out of it every day. The vicious competition is another reason why enterprises have to adopt digital transformation. If a business fails to deliver or come up with something innovative, it no longer could sustain the wrath of race.

The trendiest and outraging technology, mobile phones have been able to transform the lives of users as well as businesses. More and more users are becoming mobile phone users which gives a broader spectrum of the target audience. Mobile app development companies are developing mobile apps that fit the user needs as it’s all about personalized offerings today. If numbers are to be believed, the Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available for download & 2.8 million apps are available for download on the Google Play Store.

The growing trend of using mobile apps is giving a new face to the industries to be more innovative, fierce and outgoing. Also, the use of trends like IoT, AI, Virtual assistants, the chatbot has enhanced the features and functionalities of mobile phones. Mobile apps have made it easier for users to function their lifestyles from wherever and whenever they want.

One cannot deny that mobile app development has brought a new phase in digital innovation. The growing demand for phones and apps is itself self-sufficient to boast the power of mobile apps. Let’s get more into the details and understand the role of mobile apps in digital innovation/transformation.

1. Customers

The use of mobile phones has been so extensive that every customer has gone online. It's hard to find people who haven't yet tested the features and functionalities provided by mobile phones. Users are now skipping long queues and doing transactions from the comfort of their homes. Be it banking, online shopping, travel booking, calling, messaging and more are easily accomplished by using mobile apps. Ever since the introduction of trends like IoT, AI, VR, users have gone to an advanced level of looking after their lifestyles like health, games, etc. Mobile app development companies ensure that they build apps that meet the needs of users and bringing an advanced level of innovation at their fingertips.

2. Business overlook

Not only customers but mobile phones and apps have severely impacted the businesses too but in a good way. Today, businesses and enterprises look at mobile apps as a new idea to bring in more customers, success, profit, and sales. While it impacts their sales, it also brings harmony and a trendy culture inside the processes, operations, and functions well. It has become easier for employees to coordinate with other teams, stakeholders and have a healthy, transparent communication easily. It doesn't matter what the time is, geography is, mobile apps alone take charge of gaining an edge over difficulties inside the business. Isn't it fantastic to have apps that allow employees to enhance their productivity and increase sales overall?

3. Diversity

Another advantage of mobile phones and apps is that they are a highly versatile option for all kinds of business. There are multiple operating systems available in the market today. It is crucial for the mobile app development company develop mobile apps based on the OS feasibly provided by the business. While there are more Android users, Apple is not far behind. It’s easier to target users with mobile phones than users who have no direct access to the internet. The apps are developed and configured on the app store thus giving access to multiple OS users. Being equipped with mobile apps enable the business to touch global audiences and gain control over the market easily.

4. Omnipresence

Businesses are expanding their horizons and trying to entice global target users. This is anyway needed as targeting only a set of users is not going to help the business attain success and sales. The time demands presence everywhere, every time. This could only be achieved with the help of a solution that is available 24/7. Mobile devices, apps are the only solution to this. Mobile app development companies develop apps that with availability over mobile become omnipresent. Once the solution is widespread, the audience can explore it easily and efficiently.


Wrapping up, the use of mobile phones is assumed to grow with time. There is no denying that with the introduction of various trends like AI, VR, Virtual assistants, the use of mobile phones and apps has become more extensive than before. Users are relying on mobile phones for most of their daily life transactions. Businesses too have been introducing vast ideas that suffice users' needs. The collaboration of mobile app development companies and enterprises brings innovative mobile app as solutions to problems being faced by users. When one single device is capable to do so much, then how come users won’t avail the benefit out of it. It's a win-win for both users and businesses mutually thus calling in a lot of digital innovation.

Author's Bio: 

Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.