righteous truth? you are brilliant.

Choosing your path is in part heart, soul and DNA: For me, there was never a name for it; one part seer, one part compassion, another part seeker/driver. I was once nicknamed “Norma Rae” and even belonged to a union…well, actually two.

There is a Hawaiian word; “pono”, meaning "righteous". From my experience an attempt to live a life of truth + good intention can reap epic rewards. Uncovering your righteous truth and what you’re aligned with can take a life time: Believe In The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

It’s fascinating to witness the opulence we naturally possess and recognize those gifts are often disregarded or go unrealized. After all, we’re less apt to see the very best in ourselves. That is what’s so wondrous about human life: we own so much of what’s bestowed upon us, we don’t know where we begin, or end.

THIS IS THE TRUTH: You are not your mother, your father or your environment. You are You + that’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Your ability to co-exist and function on all cylinders by representing your true and beloved self is a laborious intensive that reaps bookoo rewards.

To you people that hold a glimmer of belief in yourselves; my wish for you is to blaze your trail + never look back: Be The Pioneer Of Your Life.

Make the distinction of what you’re willing to do, measure what it will take. Do whatever it takes to show up for yourself. That's when life will flow + the magic will unfold.

Own it.

Author's Bio: 

Throughout a career of working for + with Fortune 500 companies, training sales teams, building strategic marketing plans and over 25 years as an Entrepreneur with few exceptions, I've done and seen it all. I've loved jobs, soul searched, changed careers, found new inspiration, created successful business opportunities and volunteered for non-profits. Through making an impact, being on point, taking healthy risks and at times, bombing big time, I've pushed my personal envelope. This is what I'm crystal clear about:

I am clear that being an entrepreneur + life coach works for me, it's who I am and how I choose to work in the world. I am energized and excited about the idea of creating something organically and from the ground up, that’s uniquely mine, reflecting me at my very core + that will allow me to serve humanity.