When I thought about writing this post, I gave it the title 'Uncertainty OF Life'. But soon after, I was compelled to dig deeper in my mind....I felt, Life itself is not uncertain! so this is not fair to call it that way. So, I confidently changed it to 'Uncertainty IN Life'.

What is the difference between the two?? The first one means, uncertainty comes built-in. Just like you buy a car and there is a built-in navigator in it. The second one means, it is not built-in, as you install the navigator after you got the car.

What is this 'Uncertainty'?

Uncertainty is not just being in doubt! It is a state that we induce in our life as a result of a set of vexing questions that we let in our inner world. It is, when we don't know what we are all about, when we don't know where we are heading for, when we are not able to understand the reason and purpose and meaning of our existence, that is when it comes into play. Uncertainty is, knocking at every door down the street when trying to find a specific address. Uncertainty is, waiting for the Right Time!!

Now where does this 'uncertainty' in our life come from?

A very powerful and simple question! yet the answer, in contrast, is not that simple! It is a very multi-dimensional kind of issue, to answer this question. Before going into details to discover the reasons for this challenge, two contrast sub-questions!

If the mother bird knew, the baby birds won't return home, would she still teach them how to fly...????

If you knew, you would live two more years only, would you still live the same way..?? What would you want to change??

In the above two cases, there is absolutely no uncertainty! BUT there is Loss!! Now the point here is, uncertainty occurs when we are too much focused on this loss and then don't take appropriate action. That way we are coming in the way of life, trying to hinder its working, not knowing it won't affect life rather it will make us more uncertain.

Back to the answer, the uncertainty in life comes from having this fear of the unknown, the fear of losing something or someone, the fear of getting weak and being able to make it through and because of these fear, we induce uncertainty in our life!! Here it is very important to note that all these fears are self-induced, they don't come with life as a package. And exactly as induced, these fears can be eradicated as well.

How to get rid of it?

By defining your Purpose

Know what your purpose is, to become a doctor, a businessman, a social-worker or a musician or to dedicate your life for the happiness of unprivileged, or to fight for someone's rights or to empower individuals to live their life to the fullest? Because when the purpose is clear, you know where you are heading for, you know what you want to achieve then you take away the room allocated for uncertainty.

By Positive Self-Talk

A positive self-image is very important for a confident personality and this is strengthened by a positive self-talk. It's totally alright to appreciate yourself or even to gave yourself a pat on the shoulder on making an achievement. Telling yourself how good you are doing and how exceptionally you work, is definitely a booster for self-esteem and an eradicator for uncertainty.

By Planning Ahead

It is also very significant to make plans and to set goals, personal, family and career. Goal Setting and Planning helps moving forward steadily. It brings consistency and activeness. A big help in getting rid of uncertainty.

By Measuring Progress

Besides planning and setting goals, it is also vital to measure our progress. When we are driving towards a destination, it makes very much sense to observe how much distance we have covered and how far we still need to go. The same is with our plans and goals, a thorough check on a regular basis is very necessary to keep track of what we have been up to.

By Networking

When we group with people who are go-getters and those who really walk the talk and are not just theory based, we give ourselves an eminent opportunity to move forward. These kind of people always have something to inspire, something to motivate us with and so they act as stimuli and resource for a positive change.

Uncertainty is not permanent! It can be taken away from life the same was it was brought in. I tried to mention my observations and instants from my personal experience. I also get uncertain too often but soon after I get my confidence back with the help of these lovely souls around me. I also mentioned some of the ways you can adopt to avoid uncertainty in your life. Always remember, uncertainty is not meant to be, you have got wonderful choices to create your life.

Author's Bio: 

S. Awais Asif is a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner from AUNLP. He works with people trying to find concrete directions in life, helping them with Goal Setting and Planning. Reach him at awais@sawaisasif.com