Here are UL safety certified hoverboards with least probability to get explode!
Either you called them hoverboards, two-wheel electrical scooter or a self-balancing scooter, these monsters have become one of the most popular transportation gadgets of 2018. And it is expected that in 2019 every 5th person will be enjoying its ride with these two-wheel self-balancing scooter. As a matter of fact, these monsters are not new to the world with the fact that they were not too much popular as they are today. But why? Stating with the fact that in the beginning hoverboards were not considered safe due to the drastic harm caused by them. According to an estimate, there was approximately $2 million lost to the property because of this beast.
At this time, electrical safety organization takes steps to overcome this rising issue. And it was declared that hoverboards must pass a UL safety test named as UL 2272. The hoverboard certified from the UL 2272 ensures that it is less likely to catch fire.
On the other hand, the major reason for the rise in the accidents and harm occurred due to hoverboard is the fact that riders are not driving it properly. As a fact, it is not difficult to ride but need proper precautions and tips on riding it carefully. Once you master in riding a hoverboard, you can drive it fearlessly.
Here are some top picks of 2019 tested hoverboards that are UL certified and offers a safe ride.
● SURFUS 6.5 Hoverboard:
SURFUS is a well-known name in the hoverboard market offering a number of hoverboards for kids, adults, and youngsters. Embedded with the latest technologies, SURFUS 6.5 hoverboard is UL certified, ensuring the rider that he is driving a safe and top quality hoverboard with no or minimum chance of getting explode.
Since the invention of SURFUS in 2013 up till now, SURFUS is striving consistently to provide the best quality gadgets to the world. For this, it constantly takes feedback from the clients and works on their recommendation to produce the top quality hoverboard.
This hoverboard model is designed to ride on all type of surfaces by maintaining the balance and providing the full grip to the rider. Due to high user-friendliness, it is considered as the best UL certified hoverboard for kids.
● XtremepowerUS Hoverboard:
Xtremepower US Hoverboard recently presented to the world but in a very short span of time, it becomes one of the most rated and most recommended hoverboard. The fact of its popularity is its fast speed with the secure ride as it passed the UL 2272 safety test and fulfill the manufacturing safety standards.
6.5 inches wheel and its 250W motor work collectively to offer a safe and secure ride to the rider. The availability of LED lights allows the kids to travel over their personal hoverboard at night also without any worries. In short, if you are in search of the safe hoverboard that offers a thrilling ride then Xtremepower US hoverboard is designed for you.
● TOMOLOO K1 Hoverboard:
Getting a hoverboard with the 100% surety that it will not catch fire or heat up while riding is what you need all. TOMOLOO K1 hoverboard is the best option if you are in search of the supreme quality hoverboard that is UL safety certified.
This brand design hoverboard mostly for kids, therefore, they focus specifically on safety standards and parameters. Its hoverboards are easy to control and ride and provide full control to the rider. Along with this, it comes with some fantastic features that catch the sight of the kids and the adults.
Comes in different unique colors this TOMOLOO hoverboard comes with Bluetooth and inbuilt speakers. Wait. Its fun-loving features do not end here. These fast speed TOMOLOO K1 hoverboards are water resistant and comes with a long-lasting battery.
● SAGAPLAY F1 Hoverboard:
No doubt, these two-wheel self-balancing scooter that is getting popular day by day are highly expensive. To assist low budget pockets, SAGAPLAY F1 hoverboard was introduced that offer a safe ride as it is UL 2272 certified and will not catch fire.
This budget-friendly hoverboard comes with the fantastic features to provide a fun-loving ride to the low budget people. Its thick and sturdy hoverboards allow the rider to travel on all kinds of surfaces. Either it’s a smooth road or an uneven grass, this fast speed hoverboard ride powerfully with proper balance. Along with this, it can climb slopes of 15 degrees with full power without any worry. Despite the great features and solid manufacturing, this brand offers a warranty of 1 year. Thus, grab this budget-friendly safe hoverboard without any fear.
● MEGAWHEELS Hoverboard:
Comes with fire protection, waterproof, anti-explosion, and anti-impact features, Megawheels hoverboard has hit the other top-rated hoverboards with its power pack performance and fantastic features. This UL 2272 certified hoverboard is one of the most widely and trendy gadgets of 2019 that will rock with its outstanding performance.
Megawheels hoverboard can get a full charge in 3 hours. In a single charge, it can cover a distance of 7.5 miles. The usage of solid 6.5 inches tires allows the rider to climb the slopes of 15 degrees. However, it lacks Bluetooth feature but its fast and secure ride has made it the top-rated hoverboards. Grab this hoverboard by Megawheels without any delay if you are looking for the safest hoverboard in the market.
To sum up, the hoverboard market is spreading its arms sharply. As there is a large number of hoverboards and most of them are UL safety certified. But the above 5 hoverboards are most powerful and secure with least likelihood of catching fire or becoming the victim of an accident.

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