UK based condom producing company named TheyFit claims to have designed the smallest condom ever to be created yet. In fact, the company has gone the extra mile by creating a new measuring scale to ensure that their clients get condoms that fit just right.

The Design

The 4.9 inch (12.5 cm) long and 1.8 inch (4.5 cm) wide, is claimed to be the smallest condom size out of all sixty-six sizes. The wide range of condoms are made with custom-fit prophylactics to ensure a comfortable feel.

Why Condoms Matter

Condoms promote safe sex and circumvent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Whilst there are now other methods and procedures to ensure safety during coitus, such as birth control pills and shots, the most common method in practical life are condoms. Considering that birth control pills and injections can alter the natural reproductive cycle for women, they are simply not as convenient either. In a recent study, it was found that a whopping 78% of individuals aged between seventeen and twenty eight preferred wearing condoms in relation to other methods of safe sex.

Taking a pregnancy pill is hard to stick to especially if you’re forgetful. Similarly, birth control shots are more pricey, and although are more effective, most women are not comfortable with chemicals entering their bloodstream and somewhat disturbing their normal cycle. Hence, the condom comes to save the day.

The Perfect Fit

The firm claims that they’ve done extensive surveys and found that millions of men would be on the lookout for smaller condoms. This is because not only can ill-fitted condoms lead to discomfort, but can actually not perform its’ function at all if it’s not the perfect fit. The company claims the so called “looseness” of the condom can cause splitting and slipping off, resulting in more accidents and unwanted happenings. Hence, to combat the problem, TheyFit worked on producing snug condoms- a staggering sixty-six of them.


When confronted about other leading condom brands such as Durex, which had already created smaller condoms, TheyFit pointed out that even the smallest of the small safe sex tool would be more than seven inches. Although the company states that whilst no one should really feel the need to purchase a small condom, the fact that regular condoms being unnecessarily big is what isn’t quite right. The packaging of the condom gives enough details and description of measurements and scales for buyers.
However, unlike most brands, the company uses the letter and number system instead of the conventional XS and XL sizing charts. One buyer who actually brought the condom claimed that “It was perfect, Thank you “whilst another customer that had brought the 55 girth condom stated that the condom “fitted like a glove”.

Despite the company successfully managing to produce a range of different sized condoms, the size charts issued by the firm can be a little perplexing to some. The firm uses the term “nominal” to showcase the width of the condom instead of “circular width” which is width of the condom when it is extended. This makes it harder for men to choose the right size.

The introduction of smaller condoms by the company has been greeted with a positive response, and continues to boost in sales.

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