What is the test case in the software testing field? Let's understand the meaning of the test case. A Test Case is a set of documented data that is useful for the execution conditions, expected results, and testing procedure to be performed to satisfy the software requirements.

Why are the test cases beneficial in the software testing process? Here are some of the benefits of an effective test case:

The test case gives guaranteed good test coverage.
It reduces maintenance and software support costs.
It provides confirmation that the software satisfies clients' requirements.
It will improve the quality of software.
It can be reusable.

Now we are going to discuss the types of test cases that are commonly used in the world of software testing.

Functionality test Case

The functionality test case is used to determine whether the application interface works with the rest of the system functions and its users. This test is done to identify whether the software product or application has succeeded or failed to perform the functions.

User Interface test case

A user interface test case is used to check whether the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is working according to the expected clients' needs. The type of test case is used to identify the grammar and spelling errors, links, text, and other elements which are interacting with the end-users. The test cases are written by the testing team but the design team is also involved since they are familiar with the interface.

Integration test Case

The integration test case mainly focuses on the interface between the modules such as integrated links and to ensure that the interface between the different modules is working properly or not.

Performance Test Case

The performance test case is used to check the performance requirements of the software product or an application. Several charging methods and quality are used to do this analysis.

Security Test Case

The Security test case is one of the most important test cases that is to ensure that the software restricts actions and permissions wherever necessary. These test cases are created to protect data from when and where it is needed to be protected.

Database Test case

The database test case is used to examine what’s happening behind the scenes.

Usability Test case

Usability Test Case is used to check the software product’s usability. It helps identify how the users approach naturally and uses the application.

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