Without ทำตาสองชั้น, you never know how beautiful your eyes are! Among the various ways to change beauty, the threshold is low, the cost is low, and the effect is good. Double eyelid surgery is undoubtedly among the best. My little sister has selected the "double eyelid" problem that everyone is most concerned about, and it is also convenient for everyone to collect [mainly Can't make videos]

Many cute little ones will go to major websites to search or consult some plastic surgery hospitals before cutting double eyelids. They usually hear about smallpox surgery methods and far different prices. In fact, at present, except that all cuts are permanent, they have not Researching out new permanent double eyelid surgery, and those so-called latest surgery are just the name packaged by the hospital marketing team, and the routine that attracts the attention of customers.


Types of double eyelid surgery:

1️) Incision method (full cut): Cut the skin through the designed double eyelid line, remove the skin and fat, part of the orbicularis muscle and connective tissue.

  • Suitable for the crowd: almost suitable for all types of eyes
  • Advantages: permanent non-rebound
  • Disadvantages: long recovery period for severe trauma, more obvious recovery period, high technical requirements for doctors.
  • Recovery time: Suture removal 5-7 days after surgery, obvious swelling within one-week, complete elimination within 1-3 months or even longer (physical decision)

Analysis: One operation to solve your single eyelid troubles, the preoperative design of the total resection is the most important part of success.


2️) Embedding method: The simplest double eyelid formation technique, according to the thickness and shape of the eyelid, continuous holes are made on the upper eyelid and then sutured and fixed.

  • Suitable for the crowd: "young people" with thin eyelids, thinner fat, and loose skin
  • Advantages: no surgery, less trauma, no stitch removal, fast recovery period,
  • Disadvantages: uncertain maintenance period (3 months to 2-3 years)
  • Recovery time: about one week to recover (physical decision)
  • Analysis: Embedding thread is the most traceless and the fastest recovery, but the maintenance period is shorter, even with the correct care, the maintenance period is up to several years


3️) Minimally Invasive Method: It is often heard of "Korean three-point positioning". Cut 3 or more discontinuous wounds on the eyelids, remove part of the skin and fat, and fix them to form double eyelids.

  • Suitable for the crowd: young people with thin upper eyelid skin and no loose skin
  • Advantages: less trauma, fast recovery, permanent
  • Disadvantages: high requirements for eyes, high technical requirements for doctors
  • Analysis: Although it is minimally invasive, it will still have local anesthesia. It is suitable for friends with thin upper eyelids, less fat, and tight eyelids. The effect of the operation is natural and there are almost no scars.


Make an evaluation design before surgery, and design the most suitable surgical method through different data feedback from face-to-face consultation and personal situation.

Regarding the recovery of double eyelids, correct care is very important.

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