From the initial idea of starting a business, to its implementation, Wholesale Supplies make many big and small decisions. These decisions include choosing the wholesale products, their import location, delivery methods, payment modes, marketing strategies, management techniques and many more. The decisions taken during the +initial phase of a business are the decisions, which decide if it will be a success.
Due to cutthroat competition in the wholesale industry, the already established businesses do not give newbie’s a chance to venture the market successfully. Many times, in order to prevent other wholesalers from entering the market, two and more competitors join hands to keep him out. Due to lack of resources for fighting against established competitors, the chances of success for a newbie wholesaler become almost negligible in such situations. Therefore, in the start they focus on making right decisions on the right time because they know that eventually these decisions will help them take a lead.
I personally know many wholesale suppliers, who did not realize the sensitivity of taking important decisions wisely in the starting days of their business. They made grave mistakes and lost their entire capital. As a result, they had no other option but to kiss wholesale industry good-bye. Decision making in any type of the business is an ongoing process. Though every decision you make, leaves an impact on your profits yet there are two decisions, which mainly decide success rate in a business.
Warehousing Decisions
As wholesale businessmen deal in bulk, the amount of sourced wholesale products has to quite large as well. To store this production safely, spacious warehouses are considered an integral part of the operations. The location of the warehouse is a very crucial decision because the future delivery of the products takes place from here. Some wholesalers, in order to be economical while renting and buying a warehouse, arrange warehouses at far off places, which is a big mistake indeed. No matter where the location of your office is, your warehouse should always be near the main shipping routes so that accessibility to the various distribution markets becomes easier and cost effective.
If you source products from international markets, make sure the warehouse is also near the seaports and delivery docks. It not only saves much transportation cost but also ensures that the deliveries are made quickly and strictly in time. If more than 30% of the profits are accounting for warehouse expenses, it means that you might have taken some wrong decision.
Product Souring Decisions
Deciding on the right supplier and the right quantity of wholesale supplies, for smooth delivery, is the most risky decision especially if you are going to place order for the first time. This decision is risky due to the following two reasons:
1. A large number of online scams have ensnared internet. Fake suppliers add attractive pictures and text on their websites and offer unbelievably low discounts to lure buyers towards their trap. Once you make your payments, they steal your credit card information and disappear from the scene without delivering anything. Even if they deliver, the products do not match the quality they had promised.
2. In the start, wholesalers are not so experienced and have no accurate statistics to make accurate demand forecasts for the products. They place initial orders based on their less accurate estimate, which can turn out to be wrong for them. If they order more than the demand, this may result in heavy storage cost. Sometimes, if the product is perishable this oversupply can completely rot.
However, this decision could be made less risky if you do your homework and think twice before making any decision. Many other small decisions can also turn out to be wrong for you. You must prioritize your decisions based on their sensitivity and then try to make best decision according to the need of time. If you are successful in making timely and productive decisions, congratulations, you are likely to become a successful wholesaler.

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William King is the director of Wholesale Products, UK Suppliers Directory, Wholesale Distributors and Wholesale Supplies. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.