Are you afraid of getting cancer, having a stroke, or any of the many symptoms that might pop up in your body every day? In this brief article, I’ll share two powerful keys that can dramatically improve your health and how you feel.

As a health and wellness professional, I’ve seen some big changes over the past 30 years. Two things are particularly striking—one is disturbing and other is pretty awesome. To better understand the positive development, let’s first look at a disturbing trend.

In the past few decades, we’ve witnessed the rise of the pharmaceutical industry and health care becoming big business. Because of that, we’ve developed a strong habit of running to the doctor for drugs to fix almost any symptom we experience. This habit is so ingrained and so well promoted, that we may rarely question it.

Now, many of these drugs work by inhibiting natural physiological responses or suppressing symptoms. Because of that, there are dangerous side effects. To compound the effect, we’re routinely told that side effects are “normal”—and that we can handle those with more drugs. Many of these shut down our pain receptors and further numb us from what’s really happening. Pretty soon we are like “chemistry experiments gone wrong” and we’ve lost our ability to feel what is happening in our bodies and respond appropriately.

As a result, we’ve become afraid of our own bodies. We’re cut off from what’s going on inside us—and it seems beyond our control.

Let’s take getting a fever as an example. A fever is a natural healing response. Yes, it’s important to monitor it. However, when we’re afraid of it, we want to stop it right away. When we do that, we prolong the illness, because the fever is part of the cure. Because we don’t trust what is happening in our bodies, we end up hindering rather than helping our natural healing responses.

Now, for the good news: In response to what’s going on in healthcare, many people have stood up and said, “Hey, we’re going about this all wrong.” The human body is an amazingly intelligent, self-regulating, and self-healing system.

There are two keys to taking advantage of this fact:

1. Tuning into the wisdom of your body and

2. Learning how to shift your inner state to enhance your natural healing abilities.

There is growing research that backs up your ability to do just that.

You may remember a few years ago, when the Human Genome Project was in full swing. There was this idea that we could map our genetic blueprint and discover “a gene for everything.” Well, researchers did map the human genome and found that genes didn’t begin to fully account for how we function.

In fact, they discovered that our genetic potentials give us a range of possibilities that can be “turned on and off” by other factors in our cellular environment. Things like environmental toxins, diet, exercise, and even what we think and feel make a huge impact on how our genes express, in other words, which of our genetic potentials become active and take effect.

Did you know that you have an amazing ability to tune into your body to sense what is going on? Did you also know that you have a powerful ability to shift your inner state to create a positive cellular environment? When we learn how to do that, we facilitate our body’s natural healing response—and we feel better in the process. The truth is that we can discover how to work with the amazing intelligence of our bodies, rather than hampering it. We have much more power than we may realize.

There are a number of fantastic practices that tune us into our body wisdom and enable us to shift into a powerful positive inner state. Among these are various forms of meditation, yoga, t’ai chi, qigong, mindfulness, focusing, and a host of other therapies and techniques. I highly recommend checking out any of these that appeal to you.

What I’ve found most effective for myself and my clients are practices that work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels—together. I’ve developed a practice that accomplishes this in a very short period of time. It’s called Core Energy Meditation™.

I invite you to try a short exercise taken from that comprehensive technique to experience what you can do by putting your mind into your body. Check out the Resource Box below for more information.

Enjoy your practice!

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Are you ready to tune into your body's wisdom, feel better, and shift to a healthy inner state? For a powerful inner exercise to release any unwanted feeling and shift to the positive, visit us here.

Kevin Schoeninger graduated from Villanova University in 1986 with a Master's Degree in Philosophy. He is certified as a Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong Meditation Instructor, and Personal Fitness Trainer.