This is for you if you are not getting consistent leads, conversions and repeat transactions and you are not sure what to do about it.
This is for you if want to scale to a more profitable business model and don’t know how.
This is for you if you struggle with cash flow but are nervous to raise prices.
This is for you if you are an established business and are out to find a minimum of $10,000 - $100,000 or more - within your business without spending more on marketing or advertising.
The importance of evaluating your company and why it’s important to know - with certainty - where you are now.
I’ll talk about where to look within your business to systematically and reliably generate more leads and more conversions.
Key Take-Aways

Learning how to distinguish what a profitable business model is and isn’t.

You will gain confidence regarding which areas of your business to examine to find more profits.

You will know what to focus on for consistent profitable growth.

Speaker Bio
Michelle Salinas is the CEO of The Digital Edge Inc and brings 20 years of work and business consulting experience and has overcome adversity in ways most think is impossible. She has found over $10 million dollars of additional revenue for small businesses and is a tenacious believer in transformation. She helps you activate what you need to be empowered and turn your business blind spots into $100K or more in revenue.

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