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Signing into Tubi with an
You can easily activate the Tubi account with the activation code by logging into your smart TV or device. Let us follow all of the points provided below:

Use your web browser to go to (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
Only press on Sign Up option.
This will open the box screen.
From the smart TV panel, enter the Tubi TV activation code.
Within a few minutes, your system will be activated.
Note:- If you are a new Tubi user, you can access your account directly via Facebook/Google/Apple ID. You may do otherwise by registering via email.

How can I sign up for a Tubi TV account?
Unlike its rivals, Tubi TV does not require any sign-up to enjoy the content. All you have to do is go to and choose the content you want. However, if you still want to sign-up and create a free account to further enhance your experience, you can easily do it in the following ways:

Open Tubi TV App
Choose the Register or Link account on the page.
Once a code is displayed on the screen
Use your mobile phone or laptop’s chrome to travel to
Select sign-up with an email address or Facebook account
Fill all the empty fields displayed with the appropriate information
Click on sign-up
Enter the activation code you received earlier
Click ‘Submit’ and you’re good to go
See how easy it was.
How to register on Tubi tv with
Registering on Tubi TV is easy. Follow these simple steps:

Register option available on the top right corner of the app.
Click on it.
You can use email addresses or Facebook to automatically register and log in
Alternatively, you can fill in the details and register using manual methods.
Once you fill in the information and register, you will become a registered member.
You can then sign in using email and password.
How to Activate Your Tubi TV via
Step 1
Type ““
Step 2
Register for your free Tubi account
Step 3
sign in if you already have one
After choosing your device visit
Select the details as per your choice, and activate the network connection.
Add the Tubi TV channel to your device.
Activation Code Needed? Just visit and you will get the code.
Now you might receive a prompt to sign in, if you have a Tubi tv account you can log in now.
To create a new account visit the Account creation page, by filling in the required details you get the success message at the end.
If the channel is activated now you can stream your favorite tv channel for free.
How to change your Email and Password on Tubi tv?
To your login details on Tubi tv, please visit or you can follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

Visit, in your preferred web browser.
Go to the sign-in button on the top right corner of the screen.
Now fill up your login details or sign via Facebook if your account is associated with Facebook.
After sign in, tap on your name located in the top right corner.
Go to the Account settings.

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