Here is the truth you want to know about recovery from addiction, stop smoking aids and the extent of their assistance in quitting smoking and saying 'Good bye!' forever to nicotine addiction. While it is true that stop smoking aids quite generally accomplish their targeted goal of minimizing the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine – depending on the stop smoking aid in question – aren't able to accomplish much else.

The truth is: Most of the anxiety experienced after quitting smoking is due to the fact that raw nerves are being exposed as if they were a real live wounds. You are all but guaranteed to be faced with an influx of hurtful, stressful, and confusing emotions you've managed to evade for years in your active addiction to nicotine. Identifying these emotions as true, valid, and – most importantly – human will allow you to begin to process through them appropriately without the need for cigarettes or stop smoking aids.

Learning how to accept your emotions for what they are without judgment takes practice, and the result is an unmatched experience of freedom. Cigarettes make it easy for us to run and hide and – when misused – stop smoking aids accomplish the same effect. If you are using stop smoking aids as a mere tool among a more holistic approach to quitting smoking, your odds of successfully quitting for life are high.

Holistic Definition: Solving each piece at a time for the greater good of the whole.

What that means to say is that there are many emotional, habitual, and spiritual pieces that are all out of whack in addicts like you and I. In our acceptance of our shortcomings, we are able to find a solution.

If, by chance, you are interested in finding the most holistic stop smoking aids you may wish to look along the lines of homeopathic quit smoking treatment or even hypnosis. The most important thing to remember is that nobody can prescribe everything you need. You owe it to yourself to examine all your options to get the truth about each available stop smoking treatment to help you recovery from the physical symptoms of addiction to nicotine.

Once you have made you decision from your vast selection of stop smoking aids, you will have gotten less than 15 per cent of the problem under control; and you are ready to start tackling the real issues: Your perceptions and core beliefs as a smoker who has hidden from the truth for years.

Exposing the truth can cause an intense amount of pain or stress, and it's important to have a quit net work of support in place to help prevent a nicotine relapse. Think of it this way, though: You're already experiencing small doses of pain and stress on a daily basis...Why not take the opportunity to feel all the pain at once and finally let it go forever?!

The choice is yours. You can quit, and stop smoking aids are not even going to get you a quarter of the way there. If you want to live as a happy non smoker, learn more about modifying your smoking behaviors that have less to do with smoking and more from a synthetic solution to the human condition.

Don't just use stop smoking aids to quit smoking; become self aware to be a non smoker having recovered from nicotine addiction to live in the light of truth!

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I, personally, needed to combine stop smoking aids with seeking truth to finally recover from nicotine addiction. In previous attempts to quit smoking; I had only used stop smoking treatment and nothing else and failed. To learn more about your options for stop smoking aids and start on a plan of recovery from addiction to nicotine, visit!