My life has been one of spiritual awakening. As I look back on my life I see the struggle in being led by the things that made the body feel good, against the leadings that were telling me the right thing to do. Oh what a battle, and it still goes on. I'm choosing to do the things that make me shine with goodness. I've chosen to continuously become more spiritual by transforming my way of being. I'm not saying I'm all good however, I feel it more when I don't bring my true nature in the experience.

You see, I'm really working on changing my self not only for myself but for the good of humanity as well. I'm not the only one going through the changes that causes one to choose to do good things. I'm telling you, there's a spiritual movement going on and we're all in it. But sadly, still many people are stuck around the corner, unable to see whats going on.

If you're wondering what it feels like, here's some things to look for to determine if you are becoming spiritually aware.

Have you become more sensitive to emotional situations like in movies where the father saves his daughter from a life threatening situation. Are you touched emotionally when the ending is good or even when it is sad, does it cause you to fight back tears. I remember my first time realizing this when I cried during the Brady Bunch Christmas movie. Do you show compassion for people who are suffering from the troubles of living, do you have a prayer for them? Do you ask God why and do you ask while looking up at the stars at night?

I've been through a lot and as I share my story I realize I'm not the only one having a spiritual experience. My journey started when I asked God for more understanding about myself and my connection to all of creation. The answers came through experiences mostly, being observant of my surroundings and becoming aware of the messages as they came. Books helped a lot especially when I got deep into the spiritual books and religion. When I listened to my inner self, things seemed to go just fine. When I didn't, I knew it when the outcome showed up later.

An simple example is: a co worker let me borrow his back brace last week because I hurt my back at work. Now, the first day of this week while getting ready for work I thought about that brace but thought, I don't need it today. I remember a strong urge to take it with me but I didn't. Well, when I got to work my co-worker ask for the back brace.

He had hurt his back over the weekend and he needed his back brace like now... I knew right then the reason why I was to bring that back brace to work with me. Sometimes it is subtle while at others, it can almost speak to you with language.

You should know if you're having a spiritual awakening. If you don't then maybe you're not ready just yet. Even so, right now is the time for you to get the help your soul desires. You wouldn't be here if this wasn't for you. I invite you to consider yourself spiritual and look at this place as a place where you'll find more of yourself. You'll find yourself when you embrace the love inside of you and share it with all Gods creation.

The transformation starts within your mind. You make a conscious effort to pay attention to how you are being, making corrections as you go.

You do take yourself to a place where you run out of people to talk to. To express what you know you find yourself needing to be around more people like you. You have a lot of help out there and it's not hard to find your way to your spiritual awakening. You have many authors to choose from, (I say don't stop with one book or author) some inspirational events and DVD's to help you with your personal growth. Spiritual awakening is a path that is taken by many people from around the world and has been going on for ages. This is a great time for you to feed your soul with whatever you allow yourself to find for your growth in spiritual awareness.

It's hard for some people to believe there is a spiritual part of the self that is the true self. We were taught we are the body and that the spirit is just something that's in us when we are alive and leaves us when we die. I invite you to explore a little deeper into yourself and you will find someday that the body is held up by spirit. The aura surrounding the body is not hiding inside, you can see it covering the entire body. This aura is light energy, it is you: your eternal self. Explore your true self: your spiritual self. Your transformation can continue now with your being aware of your spiritual nature. I know you'll find some tools to help you here. Thank you for your visit.

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I'm Reginald Hollie. My business is network marketing and my main goal is to provide you with an opportunity to raise your spiritual awareness so you may improve your life. Master your true self, get started today. You may visit my blog at: Realize your spiritual power and bring peace to your life.