Whenever an individual considers losing weight or getting a shapelier body, he often has the ideal weight in mind, and when results for weight loss are not achieved, it may even lead to a feeling of disappointment.

One may at times believe that unless he achieves the ideal weight, he won't be healthier. But this is not true. Even if one loses just 5-10% of bodyweight, the positive effects on everyday health and well being are tremendous. And this fact is backed by scientific evidence; just 5-10% of weight loss can help one get over many obesity related conditions.

Even losing a slight weight accounts for a healthier heart, and one of the most evident effects of weight loss is on our cholesterol levels. In actual practice, it is known that increasing HDL, which is the good cholesterol, even by a few points is extremely difficult. But as one loses just 5-10% of weight, the good cholesterol increases by up to five points, and this reduces the risk of an individual developing a heart disease to a great extent.

In the same way, even a slight weight loss can work wonders for someone who is a diabetic. While being the healthiest way to get over diabetes, a slight weight loss of up to 5-10% can have the same effect on a diabetic as anti-diabetic pills.

Another mechanism by which weight loss can work wonders for someone who is a diabetic is by countering insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone which is necessary to take care of sugar levels in body which are higher than normal, but when an individual is ailing with insulin resistance, tissues in the body are resistant to effects of insulin. Correspondingly, higher levels of insulin are required in the body.

Insulin resistance is a condition associated with being obese, and when an individual suffers from insulin resistance; his pancreas produces insulin in a higher quantity than normal. As insulin levels in the body are higher, this leads to an increase in fat tissue, especially around the waist. One of the other effects which are an outcome of higher insulin levels in the body includes abnormal cholesterol levels. But a moderate weight loss, of even 5-10% reduces insulin levels and brings the same much closer to normal, and this works towards normalizing the condition.

Weight loss, even moderate also works towards reducing bodily inflammation levels to a great extent. Inflammation has scientifically been observed to be an outcome of being overweight, and when an individual is obese, one's fat cells produce substances that cause inflammation of blood vessels.

While this inflammation can lead to plaques and clots, it may even cause stroke and heart attacks in some cases. But by losing around 10% of weight, levels of inflammatory substances in one's bloodstream drops significantly. This greatly minimizes chances of vascular damage as well.

In essence, one must be sincere in his bid for weight loss, consume a healthy diet and even take up an exercise regime, because with weight loss, even modest, benefits on our everyday health and well being are tremendous.

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