Majority of us think about two particular areas when the issue of health comes to mind and that mental and physical health. To be fully healthy physically, we need to pay attention to exercise and healthy food consumption. Mental health care means ensuring we stay as stress free as possible and take part in activities that are favourable and also have relationships that won't deteriorate your mental health.

But what happens to put spiritual health?

The spiritual part of life which also needs to be paid attention to is put aside by many. This can be seen amongst those who are just healing. You just have to care for your mind, body and spirit if you will actually be healthy. If any of these 3 aspects of life are not well-tended, a very important part of the recovery process will be missing.


This is a healing process involving 5 steps to scientific and positive prayer. Treatment by spirituality is the method through which our thoughts are realigned with our Truth. Healing is removing negative thoughts, fear and doubt and making our hearts sensitive to the Truth of God's constant presence or indwelling of the Spirit from which we are never far from.


Acknowledgement (God is): Acknowledge that God is the utmost presence in the universe with limitless power. God is everything possible.

Unification (I AM): When you've acknowledged God as the utmost presence and power in all things, the next thing is to agree that you are one with God. You understand that God works in you, as you, through you and in life generally. I and God are now one.

Declaration/realization (I agree, I confirm) : knowing already that you're one with God, the realization dawns on you without doubt or holding back that your desire for good experiences is now taking shape by the power of God. I'm aware and I accept that I have a complete desire.

Gratitude/Acceptance (I show gratitude): after rtoure done expressly stating your desired experience, you gratefully accept that you now have the good you want. I accept and am grateful at this moment and place for the good.

Release ( I let go and let God) : when you've gratefully accepted that your good has been done already, you allow your prayer go to be acted upon by the Universal Law of Mind, relieving yourself totally of worry. I let go and let God. This truth, I release in absolute belief that it is accomplished.

After every Spiritual Healing of the Mind ends, these words are said; "And so it is". This saying allows us release our healing from our hands in absolute agreement, believing and knowing that out want is already accomplished by God's power.

A practitioner is someone who is highly conscious spiritually and has deep comprehension, taught the science of the Mind and the science, art and skill of positive prayer. Practitioners are committed to giving a hand to others armed with a professional license to practice and bound by a great ethical code to heard your privacy.

There are many spiritual books that can be relied upon to strengthen your spirituality and There is a very famous book called Sun shamsuemaaref and in Arabic called كتاب شمس المعارف

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