Experiences are the moments that weave the fabric of our lives. Often, the fabric’s value comes from that which is observed as unique in that it silently relays the energy inherent in the experiences and beauty of what the artisan sees and weaves into every stitch.
Your life, your personal “fabric” should reflect and celebrate your own journey. Which path are you following? Does it reflect your true nature and sense of beauty? Taking the time to explore yourself and how you interact with the world allows you to go from craftsman to artist with nothing more than the simplest of tasks…observation.
You are not defined by the things that you own or the places you have traveled to. The true "you" is how you interact with these things and what the experiences of your life have encouraged to emanate from your innermost being as your respond to the world. Many times, we do the same thing only allowing a certain part of our nature to expand and grow. This might be a way of getting familiar and solid within this part of ourselves. But it can also be a place we hold on to because it feels secure or safe. In this place, we are unable to recognize that there is another part of ourselves waiting to unfold. Regardless of how much external security we have, if there is fear in our mind we are imprisoned. There is no growth or peace here.
Knowing how to allow this unknown, yet yearning unrest within us to grow so that our personal journeys encourage the authentic part of us to awaken can seem daunting. We mistakenly think that it involves dealing with issues that bring up too much pain. The real journey isn’t about the war inside us, the real journey begins when we realize who we are, accept it and learn to love our fate. This is when all that has been a struggle is lifted and we are able to find the joy in all that we do.
With summer in full swing, and the freedom to explore and partake in adventures at hand, consider going on your own journey. Whether you are at home, abroad, or simply going deeper within yourself, or with another, discover the part of you that surfaces when you engage in different environments and choose to repeat the ones are matched with a smile.

Author's Bio: 

Odette Worrell is a certified Holistic Health Counselor, certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), a Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Hatha Yoga Asana Teacher (200RYT), Certified Living Foods Chef, and founder of Organic Soul, LLC.

Odette's work encompasses supporting and empowering individuals to regain their physical health, improve the quality of their lives, and reach their personal goals. Odette and Organic Soul offer newsletters, online health, self-growth classes, and one-on-one health counseling consultations.