Just before I took my training in NLP I had a one of those brains that constantly switched a positive assertion into a unfavorable one. My childhood years full of sarcastic and harsh critical remarks had led me to think that to be cynical was to be wise. This mind-set towards myself and others was like a wealth-repellent for most of my entire life. I was so destroyed by an upbringing where I was belittled on a daily basis that I could not even take a compliment without saying “Thank-you.” My self-esteem was so very low that I'd hang my head or avoid acknowledging the great that was being mentioned about me. As for the bad that had been said about me I nurtured that in my heart and allowed it to outline who I was. The outcome was a head filled up with unfavorable, dangerous and gloomy predictions regarding the future that pretty much came true since I was not capable of manifesting anything into reality in my life except for my worry.

Training in NLP educated me how to determine beliefs about myself that were truly so critical they were self-negating and substitute them together with the vernacular of the successful. Furthermore, I discovered where within my life I needed a false perception about what I used to be and how I might be pushing positive people and opportunities faraway from me with my worries and insecurity.

As I was constantly so terrified of failing it was incredibly tough for me to consider any type of first step in the direction of a goal as I always feared the experience of failing. Training in NLP taught me to see failures as stepping stones to achievement and not to be so dramatic and emotive about life generally. I learned how to be a proactive, rather then reactive individual and the best way to develop techniques that were actually going to drive me to take action in my life daily.

My very first display of the progress I'd been making in training in NLP was the financial abundance that began appearing in my life. This is the result of constantly taking “right action” instead of performing issues that cost me in every aspect. One happy source of affluence was the clients that came into my life and helped me pay my bills.

When I talk about riches I also mean spiritual wealth. There's nothing that increases exponentially your well-being greater than to know that you are helping other people conquer their trials and road blocks too.

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