Dogs are one kind of genius creature made by God. Mostly, people keep dogs as a pet because they are loyal to human beings and humanity as a whole.

People keep dogs for so many reasons, they keep dogs as pets, as family, as friends as well as for security purposes. Now, here comes the question; why do people train dogs? Here is a very logical question to answer.

Why people train dogs

Training is a vital part of a dog's life and it is necessary for various motives. Training provides rational stimulation for dogs which keeps a dog active to carry out its daily day to day activities.

Dogs behave more or less like human beings, they obey whatever instructions been given to them. To cut straight to the chase, below are the reasons why training dogs is necessary

• To improve their mental ability
• To stay active and abide by instructions
• To be able to carry out the duties and its responsibilities for its specific purpose. Etc.

Type of Dogs training

There are numerous types of training given to dogs. Dogs have trained accordingly to the purpose which you want them to serve. For example, you can’t teach a dog how to dance when you want it to be your guard therefore; you have to train your dog for the purpose you want it to serve.

Confidence aid training: - This kind of training is mostly done for military dogs, for example, German shepherd dog species. They are been trained to obey orders and thereby having enough confidence to carry out the orders.

Relationship level training: - If you are having a dog as a pet and you want it to have the lowest level of temperament, the relationship-based training is advisable to give to your dog.

Scientific training method: - in this level of training, a dog is been trained to observe the environment and to be able to detect the presence of drugs around. Such kind of training is mostly given to military dogs and some other dogs.

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