My heart and prays go out to all those who have suffered a lost from the resent disasters in Boston Marathon and the Texas Chemical explosion. I was watching the news about the Boston tragedy and found myself with tears in my eyes while they were talking about the innocent children that were injured and died. I turned to Kathy (my wife) and saw the sadness in her eyes.

So, I thought that today I would take a day off the marketing tyrants and talk about what is happening in our world today.

Everyday tragedy strikes somewhere in the world, but unless it impacts us personally, we tend to not let it effect us and we continue on with our daily lives. The closer to home tragedy strikes the more attention we pay. 911 is a perfect example, remember how almost every house or automobile you passed there was am American Flag flying, but as the memory faded the flags disappeared and we the people resumed our lives.

The United States had seen many devastating tragedies, Hurricane Sandy swept the east coast leaving a trail of death and destruction in its path. We the people came together and offered up our support and assistant.

Before we are able to rebound from Hurricane Sandy, tragedy strikes again at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. 20 children, six staff member fatally shot.

2 Bombs explode at the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing 3 and injuring more then 100 and changing the lives of thousands forever.

Then there is the explosion in Texas, total death still unknown, as they are still searching for survivors.

It seems that our world is in turmoil and our lives are hanging by a thread. No matter what religion
we practise we must turn to our higher power and ask for their blessing on a daily bases, as we never know when our last breath of air will be taken from us.

My Prayer: Heavenly father, I ask that you shine your blessing upon all those who have lost loved ones, may your blessing give them comfort in this time of their loss. May we find peace and freedom from the tragedies of the world.

Thank you and God Bless

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Mediocre Marketer has been marketing online for many years and enjoys the occassional idea that he can somehow make a difference.