One of the best and most effective ways to overcome knee joint pain is by use of topical medications. Topical treatments are applied externally on the affected area, which ensures that they act locally and have an analgesic effect at the point where one may be suffering from pain.

There are some very basic advantages of going for a topical medication.

- These medications are mainly preferred because they relieve discomfort without affecting the rest of our body.

- These treatments have a minimum chance of side effects, as they are not consumed orally and work by bypassing the digestive track altogether.

- Topical medications are absorbed by the skin, and render a soothing effect to our knees by penetrating through to the bones and muscles.

There are multiple mechanisms by which topical medications work, and effectively so. For healing ailing joints, inducing heat in the applied part of the body (mainly joints), to ensure a higher supply of synovial fluid is an important mechanism by which topical medications work.

What is Synovial fluid?

Synovial fluid and its proper regeneration is a must for proper functioning of joints. It is a viscous fluid which nourishes the articular cartilage.

In our bodies, the bones are cushioned at the ends by cartilage cushions called articular cartilage, a gelatinous substance that covers up the bones. If the cartilage is healthy, it would have a slick surface that prevents friction between bones and enables smooth motion.

As the degree of impact sustained by articular cartilage is high, there are no blood vessels present here. And in absence of blood vessels, the cartilage is nurtured by a fluid present around the joints, which is called the synovial fluid.

The synovial fluid is produced by synovial membranes. It fills up the microcavities and articular cartilage, and prevents friction by acting like a wet sponge.

What causes knee joint pain?

In most medical conditions, knee joint pain is triggered when there is an inadequate amount of synovial fluid in microcavities or articular cartilage. Topically applied medications that are especially meant for joint pain often work by increasing the circulation of blood around the joints. This stimulates synovial membranes to produce synovial fluid, which ensures smooth movement of joints. Using topical medications can thus be very helpful for rendering relief in all types of joint pains, including discomfort arising from everyday fatigue, to conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Regular use of topical medications for discomfort in joints not just helps us overcome pain, but also makes the joints stronger over time. These medications are also useful for repairing the damaged parts of joints.

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