What is Your Top 10?

A Business Marketing Exercise

Recently I was asked, what make your product different from other products in the market? The question was asked by a promoter wanting to promote our seminar using the top 10 things that make it different. This made me stop and think. This was something I had not assessed for some time. It would be a valuable exercise for me. It is basic marketing, and if you have a business, you should revisit this periodically with your business. Once I got started, I came up with even more than 10 things. That’s great!

This is an excellent exercise for any business that wants to market what is has to offer. List THE attributes about your business or its products. Start with a short list of key things – an outline. These attributes should be what makes your product stand out in the market. It could be unique properties. It could be a better design. Or, it could be the combination of attributes together defining the uniqueness above the competition.

If you have No Other Quality – Sell Yourself!
If you cannot think of anything that makes your business or it’s products special, then you need to look elsewhere to build your list. First, SELL YOURSELF. If your business has nothing different to offer, then offer yourself. Who are you? Why would you be better for someone to deal with than someone else?

We have a local plumber that projects himself that he is ‘sexy’. Why? Because plumbing is NOT sexy, it isn’t even slightly attractive. So, he sells himself as the ‘sexy’ plumber. It sets him apart from other plumbers. (We don’t know if they are ‘sexy’, because they don’t tell us.) Don’t worry, he most likely charges like all the other plumbers – lots.

Now, if you can’t think of any way that you can sell your business attributes, your product attributes, or yourself, you need to start asking yourself, “Why am I in business?” The good thing is that you haven’t run out of options of what you can pull attributes from. How about relatives or friends?

SEX Sells!
There is an irrigation company (What, more plumber stories?) that often showed a pretty teenage girl at the end of their television ads. Many men went into the business thinking she would be behind the service counter. I never saw her there, but I did find out that she is the daughter of one of the owners of the company. Joan of Ark launched a thousand ships – a pretty face can sell pipe!

If you have Deep Pockets…
If your still low on ideas, you can BUY a ‘face’! No this is not a bad hair day, or major cosmetic surgery, this is giving your company a facelift with a ‘frontrunner’. Someone that gives good face, good voice, etc. to get your business seen. Sure, it’s still your company, and you still make the decisions.

If you ever want a marketing campaign to have at least a chance of working, start with your list of attributes. Once you have your outline list, expound on each attribute so that you can take full advantage of it.

I am going to give you an example of this process by using my own business. This is the actual exercise I went through. And while I was going through it myself, I thought that this would be a great topic to write about. Many times you may hear similar techniques in most business builder manuals, but most do not give you real life examples you can compare with.

What Makes My Own Business Unique – I’ll Show You.
In the topics I give, you’ll think that some of these attributes may sound similar to start with, but you’ll soon see that there is quite a difference between the points. So, here is where we start.

Top 10 (plus) Things that make Brain Management and Mental Photography different from other mind disciplines:

1. Invented by Richard Welch the founder, my Mentor.
2. We ARE the original.
3. Invented separate form All other mind disciplines.
4. Our organization specializes in 1 program.
5. Since we have 1 program, we have been able to simplify the tasks making it timely (many programs take more time)
6. We're not here to sell you something else. Therefore, the class has a different agenda, YOURS!
7. Taught on a scientific level, ALL religions are okay with it.
8. FREE refreshers for life
9. As the course is upgraded, refreshers don't pay to re-attend and gain the updates.
10. Anti-guruism. You are your own BEST Guru!
11. We don’t need to know your problems. Non-Intrusive.
12. Everyone can use it because it’s natural and you were born with it.

Refine the List
Now that I have my list, I want to further define what I know about each of these topics. I want to bring out the best in what each topic offers.

The BEST thing about ALL of these attributes is they have always been there and haven’t changed. They have stood the test of time.

1. Invented by Richard Welch the founder, my Mentor: Richard Welch, my Mentor for over 17 years, invented Mental Photography from speed-reading in 1975. That’s over 30 years of research, development, and simplification, and creating a completely in-depth understanding of every nuance the product holds. Richard is the absolute expert in the field.

2. We ARE the original: It is important that this is NOT an extension of someone else’s work. There are many mind disciplines that have used other works to create their version. That action waters down the effectiveness.

3. Invented separate form All other mind disciplines: From the beginning, Richard was advised to develop this separate from all other mind disciplines. By him choosing to follow that advice, he has achieved greatness in his field. Richard is known around the world as the “Father of Mental Photography”. Others have even tried to claim that Mental Photography is related to other mind disciplines, in an effort to capitalize on the ‘good name’.

4. Our organization specializes in 1 program: In contrast to so many other organizations, we have 1 product, with several ways to deliver it. This enables us to be exceptional in our ability to help you achieve your best results. In contrast, organizations that have multiple product lines, have many challenges to overcome, including consistency, or if the products actually fit together.
If you are in the marketing game, this is the best way to make gobs of money, by breaking a system into segments that you can charge for each segment, or ‘products’. You just need to position your company to keep selling to those same ‘loyal’ clients, and pumping them for more and more money, for them to achieve the next level. This leads to points 5 & 6.

5. Since we have 1 program, we have been able to simplify the tasks making it timely: (multiple products take more time) The easiest way to start explaining this is to explain what happens when you have multiple products. It takes you more time to learn each ‘part’. Then, it takes you more time to employ each part daily. If the parts are inconsistent, or in some cases contrary to other parts, you’ll quickly become discouraged with using the ‘parts’. Even good ‘parts’, with benefits, are often left behind this way.
In contrast, all parts of our system are complete and consistent with all of the other parts. This seamlessness is referred to as “synergy”. The value of all of the parts we teach you, are worth more than if you were to learn them separately. And it takes much LESS TIME to employ the whole system, than it would take if you were only using ‘parts’.

6. We're not here to sell you something else. Therefore, the class has a different agenda, YOURS! Quite often you will experience that you are being sold on the next best thing while you are attending a seminar. We don’t need to do this, because we have 1 thing. (You’ve already bought the one thing we offer.) That 1 thing is all-encompassing, and can be employed anywhere in life from this time forward. So, you are getting THE ENTIRE SYSTEM UP FRONT! This encourages you to use the whole system NOW,… not later as you accumulate pieces. And because we are not pushing things for you to buy, the class agenda switches! You will experience the agenda of YOU ‘learning’.

7. Taught on a scientific level, ALL religions are okay with it: There are many good teachings that are religiously based that are overlooked because of beliefs. Our seminar is NOT religiously based. People from all walks of life and religions attend without a problem.

8. FREE refreshers for life: Once you come through our seminar, you have access to FREE Refreshers for life. With exception of a small facilitation fee, usually $100 - $200, you will never be asked to pay for the seminar again. You will still need to provide Identification though.

9 As the course is upgraded, refreshers don't pay to re-attend and gain the updates: You will even be able to receive upgrades at no costs by attending a class as a refresher. Even computer software charges for their upgrades, even if there is no obvious advantage. Beat that!

When my PC was working at it’s best was when it was on Windows 95 with all the patches. Then, everyone quit supporting Windows 95. I had to change to a ‘buggy’ Windows 98. Finally, when my Windows 98 SE was running at its finest hour, everyone stopped supporting it. So, now I have had to move to another platform, just so I can run a new level of programs that the old unsupported Windows 98 SE couldn’t run. Eventually, they will do the same thing with this ‘buggy’ operating system. They will improve it with patches until they have it running optimally, then it too will be obsolete and unsupported. The question is WHY?
I was happy with the performance of the old system. Then I was forced onto platforms that are inefficient and cumbersome. There IS 1 final detail I left out, actually the most critical one. Dollars! You see, each time there was an upgrade; I had to pay more money to get it, without any obvious benefit!
Since Microsoft is now giving away absolutely insane amounts of money to charity, why not give a little back to the little people that helped get them there instead, or is that considered heresy? Give away the NEXT big operating system for FREE, and this time, have it fixed to ‘work’ without all the ‘bugs’! (I can dream,… ?)

10. Anti-guruism: We teach independent thinking and decision making, without the need for a guru to hold your hand, tell you how to think, or tell you how to live. You don't need a re-charge, because it comes from within you. You are your own BEST Guru. We teach you HOW.

11. We don’t need to know your problems: We provide the tools to you to deal with your own problems. The system is non-intrusive to your life or problems. If you still chose to consult with us on how to apply the system to your problem, we will give you sign-posts to observe and act upon. It is your journey. You still need to put in a little work to get your best result. If we just give you the answers, we are cheating you out of a valuable experience.

12. Everyone can use it because it’s natural and you were born with it: everything that we teach is based on the natural abilities you were born with. You have just been taught out of using them. But since you were born with them, you never actually lose them, you’re just out of touch. We help you get ‘re-acquainted’ with them.

As I was building this list, even more great attributes came up. I needed to draw the line somewhere. What I wanted to point out to you is:

… a Little Secret!

Now, I will let you in on a little secret. This secret may be the most valuable piece of information that you ever get, or you can simply disregard it as rubbish. That’s your choice. There is another way you can use this same process. Instead of using it for your business, use it for YOU!

Find out what your TOP 10 attributes are! It becomes a real benefit to yourself when you find out what YOU OFFER, who YOU really are, and how you can impact those around you.

I sincerely hope you had the propensity to get to the end of this article. The best value was actually at the end. Good Luck. Have a great life.

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