So you’re ready to quit smoking. It is important, as you prepare to stop smoking, to familiarize and remind yourself of the benefits. So, what happens when you stop smoking? The longer you quit smoking; benefits like the following will outshine your previous urges.

Increased Health Benefits When You Quit Smoking
Not smoking greatly reduces your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and stroke. A common justification for smokers usually goes something like this, "Well, I’m going to die of something." However, it’s important to understand that deaths from smoking-related illnesses can be quite prolonged and painful. Quality of life is severely diminished.

Breathe Easier without Smoking
Once you quit smoking, you’ll notice that you have a greater lung capacity. You’ll be less winded from mundane activities. Also, your airways will open up, so you’ll gain more oxygen from each breath. You be able to breath slower and deeper, which will also slow your heart rate.

It may seem obvious, but breath is central to our livelihood. It affects everything from the efficiency of a cardio workout to our moods and emotions. Having control over our breath is essential to having control over both our bodies and our minds.

Quitting Smoking Will Increase Your Energy Level
The carbon monoxide from the smoke actually directly inhibits blood flow to the brain. Carbon monoxide is actually 230 percent more likely to attach to hemoglobin (the principal oxygen-carrying compound in blood) than oxygen.

With decreased oxygen to the brain, a person is more likely to suffer from depression and fatigue.

Free Yourself from Needless Urges and Cravings of Nicotine
Ask yourself: do I really need this useless and annoying craving for something that is harmful to me and my friends? The answer is unequivocally and resoundingly NO!

Why burden yourself with one more need, one more bad habit, and one more problem in this stressful world? Smoking doesn’t reduce stress, it causes stress. All the smokers I know, when they are low on cigarettes, become absolutely obsessed with where they are getting their next fix.

Instead of dealing with, and relieving, the real stress in their life, they are consumed with the stress of fulfilling this one urge. And, it’s an unnecessary stress that they knowingly brought on themselves. How ridiculous!

Become More Attractive and Confident
When you quit smoking, and regain your sense of smell, you’ll notice how disgusting and unattractive you smelled when you were a smoker. Your clothes, hair, and skin will smell so much better. And, most importantly, mates, or potential mates, will more easily pick up on your pheromones. Our sense of smell is intensely linked with our sense of memory as well!

Your smile will become whiter. Your breath will be cleaner and fresher. You won’t have to worry about your smoker’s breath when you’re talking to someone.

As more information about smoking and health becomes common knowledge, less and less people are smoking. If you are a smoker, then you are unnecessarily limiting the people that can be attracted to you. Nonsmokers do NOT want to kiss a smoker. It just tastes so disgusting. And no one wants to lick an ashtray.

Quit Smoking and Save Money
This is easily one of the most important factors and benefits to quantify. If you smoke roughly one pack a day, then you can multiply the cost of that pack by 365 days. These days, a pack costs about 5 dollars. That’s $1825 a year!

Think of quitting smoking as a pay raise. Hey, it’s almost a dollar an hour for a full-time job! For further encouragement, put the money aside that you would have used to buy cigarettes. Use that money for something fun, and reward yourself for that hard-earned victory over your urges!

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