Men are not great in expressing their feelings. Even though they want to say a lot of things and express their feelings towards you, they are not able to do so most of the times. They mostly like to keep things within themselves, but actions indeed speak more than words. Even if you feel less important at times because of his lack of words, there are going to small gestures that will make you very special. Of course, not all men are created equal, and some may be good with words, but you should never compare your partner with others. Just stick to him, and he will figure out ways to make it up to you. According to here are some of the actions by which you can make out that your man cares a lot for you.

1)He makes you feel happy and comfortable

Not everyone will go out of their way to make you feel warm and comfortable. There will be small gestures from his side which will make you feel loved. Whenever you feel cold, he is going to share his jacket with you and give you warm hugs to keep you warm. He is going to sacrifice watching his favorite match for your movie, at times. It is not always necessary to do the big things because at times the little things matter the most and these memories you are going to carry forever in your life.

2) He listens to you carefully

Not many people listen to you attentively, especially when it comes to men. They are not capable of listening to you attentively after even 6 minutes. So, if he is taking extra care to listen to you and help you out, it means he cares for you. If he cares for you, he won't judge you and tell you how messed up you are. Instead, he is going to fall in love with the mess that you are. He is neither going to come up with unwanted advice which is not necessary then. He is just going to be patient and be a good listener.

3) He is honest with you, rather than just comforting you with lies

It is easy to lie on your face and tell you what you wanted to hear. But, men who love you and care for you, won't do so. He won't insult you or be mean to you, but he is going to tell you the truth. He does so because he cares for you and feels that telling the truth will help you to take a better decision. Relationships can't be based on lies either.

4) He is never busy when it comes to talking to you

No matter how much work he has, he is going to free some time from his schedule and give it to you. The right guy doesn't come with excuses. Now, there might be some genuine reasons at times, and you have to be understanding at that part, too. He takes his space but doesn't mean that he doesn't give you time and attention. He is going to try his best and be there for you when you need him.

5) He will protect you

If a man likes you, he is always going to protect you from people who hurt you or try to make you feel uncomfortable. You will not even have to ask him to help you out because once he gets to know about it, he is going to be there you.

6) He will always give you your own space

The guy who loves you will not take away things that you love from you. He is going to let you pursue whatever you love and is going to be supportive about it as well. He is not going to undermine your dreams or ask you to leave that for him.

7) When he is wrong, he will apologize for

He knows when he has made a mistake and hurt you, and he is going to make it up for it. He is not going to play the blame game because he feels for you. He will ensure that he pacifies you and will be there for you.

8) He looks at you

You know that look when someone loves at you and is very fond of you. Eyes convey a lot of emotion, and when he looks at you, you are going to know it. He is going to look into your eyes and open up to you, and that is when you know that yes, he is in love with you and cares for you.

9) He will remember small details

He is going to remember the minute details of your relationship.

Falling in love is an amazing feeling and so is being in love. Even if you feel at times that you are being neglected, remember he is going to come back and make it up to you. There are good and bad times, but as long as you people stick together, it is going to work out.

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