Importance of Eyeliner Packaging

You must be wondering why we should package the eyeliner stick when it has to be put aside after opening. This is exactly the opposite of what cosmetic manufacturers think. A simple eyeliner stick wrapped in plain paper versus eyeliner boxed in dainty floral packaging is far more enticing than the plain one. If you are paying the same for both the products, then pick the prettier one!

The packaging enhances and accentuates the eyeliner's style and elegance. Moreover, it represents the solidarity of your brand which is different from the rest of the brands which are in competition with you.

Benefits of using Product Packaging

A good and attractive packaging speaks volumes about your brand's quality, the ambiance it provides to its customers and how much they care about the concern of their customers. The customized packaging of eye-liner boxes makes customers feel at a personal level with the brand. The packaging is also used to protect the product from getting damaged or in case of liquid eyeliners, from spilling. However, the eye-liner packaging material should also be strong enough to withstand any stress in case of shipping and being transported to home. You should pick the thicker material to enhance the popularity of your eyeliner brand.

5 Amazing ideas for Eyeliner packaging

Different verities of custom-styled and designed eyeliner packaging bestow glamour and attraction to the retail store shelves and marts. Following are some ideas that are sure to stud a star in your eyeliner packaging styles.

  • Color schemes- An outstanding packaging for eyeliner involves some important details. First of all, carefully select the right colors for your packaging. The colors blend perfectly with the design and logo of your brand. Choose colors that attract attention and are eye appealing. 
  • Your logo- This is the most important feature of your brand as this tells the customers who they are buying. Manufacturers often ensure that their product packaging boxes are put up with some interesting product names which are striking and different from the traditional ones. It is one of the simplest and the easiest ways of getting maximum customers’ attention 
  • Eco-friendly packaging- Yes this is a bonus for your packaging company as well as for the buyers. Use kraft boxes to package the eyeliners. Kraft is environment-friendly and is also economical. The plus point of kraft boxes is that it is hard and can withstand stress to protect the item inside it and once it is discarded, it goes back to the soil and decomposes and later on used by plants. This means these boxes don’t end up at land refills and thus don’t pollute the earth we live on.


  • Boxes with Windows- In these types of boxes the eye-liner which lies inside the box can be seen through plastic sheets on the lids of the boxes. These kinds of packaging boxes give customers more satisfaction as the product they want is exactly as desired. They can also check the size and volume of the product properly through a transparent window.


  • Details- This is the most essential part of your packaging. The customers are fishing for details about what beauty product suits them the best. If you put the product information briefly on the packaging then the customer can’t resist buying it. Writing details does not mean writing each and everything on the box. Be brief but be concise and cover only the essential and important details about the product which is placed inside the package like the chemicals used to make the eye-liner and the compatibility of the product with the skin type. This shows the customers that you really are concerned about their needs. The overwriting will badly affect your packaging.

Packaging can work like magic for the products packed inside them. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand, and if you can put that into eyeliner packaging, it is a winning situation for your business all the way! If you can get a hold of these above packaging ideas on your hands, well then you are ought to make your product sales a blockbuster in the sales markets. These tips can make your product stand out in that crowd of brands and make its place.

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Max leed, Project Director at TheCustomBoxe,

If you have been looking for packaging ideas for a breakthrough in the cosmetic business, using customization would be your best option.