Mark Twain once said: “The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this”. Modern society in terms of clothing demands some unique and exclusive garments which set them apart from the rest and make an elegant fashion statement for them. Clothing is a hot selling item due to its huge demand and it will always remain the eye catching business for the wholesalers looking forward to earn great bucks.

The main quest of the clothing wholesalers is to source fashionable and trendy clothing from the most low cost suppliers without sacrificing quality. Though buying in bulk always leaves them with good profits, still if they luckily find a low cost supplier, they can earn more than their regular profits.

I believe that saving your sourcing cost is not attributed to luck. If you know exactly what you should do and how, you can surely get your hands on great deals of clothing in terms of price as well as quality. I am suggesting top 6 tips which will help you in saving your sourcing cost to a quite an extent.

Eliminate intermediaries!

There are many Wholesale Products who thrive on the cost of wholesalers. They buy clothes from clothing manufacturers and sell them to the wholesalers at a high price. If wholesalers buy directly from the clothing manufacturers they can easily cut short the profits of the intermediaries. So, build direct contact with the manufacturers and source from them directly at a factory rate.

Ask for the quotes!

Sometimes suppliers of the same garments having same quality sell at different prices. Though the price differs by some cents per piece still if you buy in bulk this small cost becomes large. Wholesalers should ask for quotes from multiple manufacturers and choose the one who provides clothing at the least price with maximum good quality.

Purchase from sales!

If you deal in branded clothes, the best thing to save your sourcing cost is to buy the clothes from the sales held by branded companies from time to time. Keep on checking your required clothes in the clearance sales section of companies. Sometimes, due to minor default, branded companies sell their clothes at half of the price as they don’t risk their reputation. Moreover, sometimes more clothes are produced by them which they sell at quite low prices. Buying this over stock and B pair clothes can save your large sourcing cost.

Purchase in off seasons!

Clothing trends change every now and then with the season change. Off seasoned inventory is sold by the manufacturers at dirt cheap prices. Wholesalers should buy it during off season when the rates are low and sell it when the season sets in and the price goes upward. But before doing that, consider storage cost. If the storage cost is larger than the amount you will save, buying in off season does not make any sense.

Source from overseas!

China, Brazil and Philippines are the low cost countries and you can save large sourcing cost if you import from them. Consider souring from a country where material and labor is cheap. Also, some Asian regions have skilled workers who beautify the clothes with unique embroidery and beads. Sourcing from such areas is a great way to source unique clothes and sell them at nice profit margin.

Place online orders!

Almost all the Wholesale Clothing manufacturers have now an online presence. Placing online orders is a very good idea as it saves your time and efforts. Besides time, it eliminates transportation cost of paying visits to the showrooms and warehouses and thus reduces your overall sourcing cost.

Try these useful tips and earn some extra bucks!

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William King is the director of Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Products , UK Wholesale and Clothing Wholesale. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.