Mobile app analytic tools allow organizations to track user activity and in-app session. These tools help you measure mobile app opens and downloads. Along with this, they provide the user an access to invaluable insight into how an app performs and what needs to be done.

Having the right frame of mind is essential to sticking with the app development in the long haul. Mobile technology has revolutionized in the digital world already. According to Statista, “There are about 4 million apps in The Google play and Apple App store combined.” In order to learn How to create a mobile app you must have a hands-on experience about these analytical tools

With a variety of mobile app analytics tools available, it can be difficult for you to find out which ones are the best. We’ve rounded up some of the best mobile app analytics tools that can help you make your app reach at the top of the search bar.


This simple, yet robust app analytic software focuses on sales, pricing, and download data. With both paid and subscription options, it can help your app stand out among the competition with whatever budget.
The free version of the app provides ratings and review analytics, while the paid plan includes download, revenue estimates, audience estimates, usage estimates, and advertising estimates.

App Annie can help companies services find out how to best optimize their app. With the help of this tool, you get immediate access to your company’s technology innovations and data sets, providing you access to shared data, new opportunities, and the ability to create effective campaigns. One of the advantages of this application is that it can be integrated with Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft Stores.


Adjust is an application designed for companies to thoroughly understand their marketing campaigns. It allows you to view attribution and marketing analytics and help you build your user base.

Adjust enables you to combine lifetime user data in a single dashboard. One notable feature is the app’s Fraud Prevention Suite, which protects your app from counterfeit and fallacious activities such as protection against fake traffic before you pay for it.

This application helps companies to get a better understanding of user behavior and patterns. By analyzing these metrics, they can adjust the app according to the user and increase user engagement with the app. It supports platforms like Blackberry, Android, IOS, Html, and Windows Phone.


Firebase is the third Google Product on the list following AdMob and Google Analytics. What differentiates Firebase from them is that it is an analytic platform designed specifically for mobile apps. Unlike AdMob and Google Analytics, Firebase provides detailed reporting on app-specific features. The app also allows you to display all the metrics in a single central location.

The app provides you data related to the numbers of users and sessions, operating systems, geography, first launches, app updates, in-app purchases, etc.
One of the main advantages of this platform is that multiple features like crash reporting, A/B tests, and hosting all come in one product.


Kochava is a mobile analytic app that tracks engagements and user acquisitions. It is designed to facilitate customer attribution channels and aggregate data so app creators can make better decisions. It allows you to pulls metrics from mobile and web and gathers all data on a single location.

Kochava helps you view important data points and builds a user group. It also helps you analyze return on investment through identified data. Through this platform, you can find out real-time ROI, retention analytics, channel attribution, location-based marketing data, and a lot more.


Mixpanel is a web analytics software that includes a mobile app component. It is easy to use, yet rich in features, unlike its competitors. It includes distinctive analytic tools such as funnel analysis and an engagement tracker named the Addiction Report. These tools help you come up with strategies to increase user engagement, conversion, and retention. This platform allows you to pull out information instantly. With its interactive feature, you can get answers to all your questions easily.


Whether you’re in dire need to enhance your current app or finalize your app release strategy, an ideal analytic tool is out there for you.

While there are heaps of mobile app analytic tools available, the ones that I have mentioned give detailed information about users and highlight unique data points that can analyze user behavior.

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