TODAY’S article will reveal some practical tips on how to maintain one’s morale and keep marching towards your financial prosperity in business. First, let’s explore here what we actually mean by “faith.” Faith is neither hoping for something to happen nor is it referring to the idea of trusting in something or someone outside of yourself. On the contrary, it is a knowing from within. A knowing you are something bigger than your physical body. The advantage of accepting this type of faith is that one is not alone. You are connected to an infinite universe with the knowledge to achieve your desires and solve your problems. The catch is one must take the time to ask, hear the response, and act upon the answer. Typically people tend to entirely rely on their logic, cultural traditions or conventional expert opinions instead of their inner voice. Sometimes that helps and other times it makes the situation worse.

SO WHY do we lose faith in ourselves in the first place? And how did it happen? From a spiritual point of view, it started once we were born. The parental and cultural conditioning during our childhood derailed us from our true spiritual nature. The programming may have been intense, moderate, or minor. In any event, many adults have forgotten their divine nature and how to connect to their own hearts for inspiration. Therefore, it is necessary to retrain oneself to remember that they are creative thinking beings capable of doing many productive things in life and business. Let’s begin.


1. Keep your goals to yourself: Human beings are peculiar creatures. We don’t seem to like change very much. As soon as someone in the tribe tries to break away from conformity all the haters, “naysayers”, and the plain ignorant spout off their opposing and normally uninvited opinions. If the resistance is relentless or comes from people one has strong emotional ties with like family members and friends, it can be discouraging and disheartening. Therefore, keep your business dreams and goals private. Share your intentions with your higher power and only with your closest confidant.

2. Write a list of your accomplishments - big or small: This step helps you begin to believe in yourself again as the collection of “evidence” is revealed. Sit down and make a list of all of the things that you feel you have excelled at throughout your life. Also, mentally reflect at the end of each day or before bed a list of all the tasks successfully completed in your business and personal life.

3. Be efficient with your work: Avoid overworking yourself trying to get the most done in one day or week. You will drain yourself physically and mentally and the quality of work will diminish exponentially. Redoing any task is a waste of time. Therefore, do today’s work whole heartily and stop worrying about tomorrow.

4. Make a gratitude list: When one is in a state of constant gratitude, your thankful mind and heart will continually expect good things. The expectation builds faith in oneself, business, and life in general. Write down at least ten things you are grateful for now and give thanks for three business goals as if they are already here.

5. Continue saying your daily goal oriented affirmations: Your affirming statements will reestablish your sense of purpose in your business. It will keep you focused and on course with your tasks towards your goals. Say your affirmations with feeling and meaning.

6. Pay attention to your thoughts and words: Recognize your words and thoughts possess creative power. When you observe yourself being negative, correct it immediately by gently nudging yourself to focus on the positive.

7. Develop a habit of listening and trusting your intuition: Follow your inner guidance instead of listening to what is going on outside. If something feels right, move onward. If it doesn’t, step back and figure out why. This process is valuable for your business.
Bonus: If you are inexplicably attracting negative people or situations to your business, ask your inner guidance this question. “What can I change about myself to solve this situation?” And do it.

Faith is a belief in the invisible and your connection to an infinite source of supply. Many of us forgot about our spiritual nature and tend to lose confidence in ourselves and purpose easily. However, there are effective ways to stay on track like keeping an inventory of our major and minor accomplishments. Plus, mindfulness of our thoughts and attitude aids us to arrive at the desired business goals smoothly.

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