From purchasing favorite stuffs online to simply browsing over social media accounts, we rely on our smartphones every minute. This is one of the reasons why it is important to keep our iPad and iPhone safe and secure. However, the truth is that, to whatever extent we secure the iPhone from hackers, there will be some loopholes that they use and only you must approach a best iPhone service center Delhi. But you can enhance the security features if you are conscious about your privacy settings.

Here are top 5 iPhone security tips to protect from hackers.

Update iOS

One of the most important tips on protection iPhone from hackers is to ensure that you use the recent iOS version which includes even smaller ‘dots’ updates. Hackers can easily find flaws in the Apple coding which they can quickly exploit and gets access to personal information. New updates are those which help in combating the exploits in the OS that paves way to strong enhancements.
If you wish to update latest iOS version, go to settings and click general, then software update. Either you will get a message stating that you are already running a version of iOS or you will be asked to download latest update.

Enable VPN

Using VPN is like providing an additional layer of privacy and security to the iPhone. Connecting to a VPN server, the traffic can be encrypted efficiently. This gives an extra security that makes impossible for the hackers to get your personal information.

You can get the VPN connection by taking settings>general>VPN. If you can’t get this, you can also install a VPN app rightly from the Apple store. VPN setup is quite easy and only thing you must sign up with VPN service provider initially.

Activate your iPhone

It is important to note that you must activate ‘Find my iPhone’ before you giving for iPhone screen replacement when you encounter any issues with the iPhone screen. However, approaching a right service provider for the screen replacement will make sure of your data privacy and security. If in case you lose iPhone, sign up to ‘find my iphone’ from other Apple device and get your personal data in it.

By doing this, the hackers won’t have any access to your personal information. To wipe your device remotely, get find my iphone app, sign in to it, choose your iPhone, select erase iPhone and confirm it. So when the hacker attempts to get your data, it will be completely wiped off when the internet is connected.

Use Apple ID authentication

In order to get secured from spammers and hackers, t is quite important to use a 2-factor authentication. Get website and set a password for added purchase performed on Mac and iOS devices as well.

Block third party tracking

Some of the third party applications will have dangerous intentions and may track you through advertisements. You can disable it easily. To perform this, go to settings>privacy>advertising>enable limit ad tracking. When you click on “reset advertising identifier”, none of the advertisements will be able to track your device. To prevent third party tracking, use the web in incognito mode by setting up privacy on safari browser.

Apple is quite popular for making it secured when creating software for update. If you are an iPhone user, check out these important tips to prevent your iPhone from the hackers and scammers.

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