If you desired to be an event planner have succeeded to become an entrepreneur or is given a family business of event family, in any case it is essential to market it to attract clients and customers. All the businesses invest a large chunk of investment in promotion sectoras it is curial for defining the worth of business. This departments works on marketing communication involving persuasion, information and influence. This process will assist in several ways which makes it so essential, some of it key working includes filling the gap between the consumers/ clients and producers/ service providers, facing intense competition, sales of the goods in imperfect market, increasing the standard of living, large scales selling of services and goods, increase trade pressure in the market, increased employment, effective sales support of service/ product and lastly, increased speed of product acceptance.

Promotion is a very detailed and complex department and every product and services has adjustments accordingly so, we will narrow our discussion on few factors to keep in mind while promoting your event planning business. These factors are as follow:

1. Social media marketing:

Social Media is always the best option for marketing/ promoting your business in this present era. Applications and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. can be of great help. Continuous updates, tagging, and using custom hashtags can connect clients and the business providers very efficiently. On these platforms, they can share their handled events and other ideas to give customers more ideas for their special events by making snapchat video clips of the events, funky venues and other details that will show off your skills. Use trending hashtags with the photos you post and the updates which help more people to view your creative work. This will help greatly in promotion of your business to your targeted option.

2. Create a Website:

Although, social media platforms gather almost all the people in one place but still there remain a large population who still don’t prefer to use these platforms. Therefore, a website can be of great help for such people. You can also take assistance of SEO companies in your area to help you in handing your website. The SEO companies will help you in achieve high ranking in search engines and take care of other social media promotions. This investment helps in long term in connecting the audience to your business in most effective ways.

3. Volunteer your services:

You might have never thought of working for free for promotion but, this is indeed one great opportunity to showoff your skills and talent while including one more experience in your register. Many of the charitable organizations do not have enough money to hire event planners so, this is greatly appreciated and also showcase your skills to the outer world. In such event, you can also meet many of the influential people and audience which are a valuable network for potential future business.

4. Add your customers to your promotion department:

One of the most effective ways to keep customers is to keep them satisfied and give them your best to have them coming back to you only. Satisfied customers will not only help by coming back to you but also bring in their friends, family to this place. To do so, you must always take care of your customer preferences and not load them with your ideas only. You may also your customers to put up hashtags and your name while attending the event to promote your business. Using your customers only for promotion can be much more beneficial then you have ever imagined.

5. Ask and Communicate:

You will leave your comfort zone and be on move continuously, to make yourself known to the nearby vendors, restaurants and other public spots. This can bring in most wide variety and organic audience for your business. Asking them for promotion by giving away posters and brochures can also increase your business exposure greatly. Adding incentives can be even better as people will have something getting from promotion will give you even more ideas and also do promotion techniques on their own eventually, benefiting your business.

The event planning business is a very creative business and requires a lot of efforts, this is also a very risky business as you have to maintain accuracy in all sorts of situation with no chance of error. This makes it very difficult to rely on any event planning company with closed eyes for their special days. Promotion of your business in the right manner can help the clients to find the trustworthy platform for their special moments and days along with bringing customers/ clients for your business. The above listed key points can greatly help you with the promotion of your event planning business.

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