Recently I've been considering getting a second bike, right now I have the 2017 Dyna lowrider ass by Harley Davidson but I wanted a second bike so as I started to consider all the different options out there I came to realize that there's really only one option get another Harley now first let me start off by saying that I'm fairly new to riding and I'm not brand loyal and definitely not brainwashed by Harley Davidson

I seriously considered a number of different motorcycle options but in the end none of them checked off all of the boxes that were important to me and in this article I'll tell you why here are the top 5 reasons to buy a Harley Davidson.

Number One

Build quality everything on a Harley Davidson has a premium feel to it parts are made of premium material such as polished steel aluminum and leather and everything is showcased in a way to make your bike look and feel great.

I think a good comparison would be like calling a Harley Davidson and Apple iPhone with the premium build quality that they bring to the table while most of the other motorcycle manufacturers out there are more like LG Nokia and all the other generic phone manufacturers a lot of plastic not that much metal and it just looks cheap.

I personally don't care for plastic fairings and plastic fenders if I'm gonna be stuck with something for a number of years, I don't want it to be made out of the same material that my trash bin is made out of I encourage you to go down to a Harley dealership check out the bikes check out the build quality the welds the tank the engine and you'll see what I mean bear what you saw the Harley dealership - what you saw on any of the generic Japanese bikes and I'm sure you'll agree.

Number Two

Number two is personalization customization if making your motorcycle your own is important to you then Harley is really the only option there are more aftermarket parts available for harley-davidson then

All other motorcycles combined from bars and risers to sportster air cleaner to Forks to shocks seats and of course pipes there are many many different options for you to choose from with all the different choices available you can really make your harley-davidson look good.

Make it your own this isn't to say that other motorcycles not named harley-davidsondon't look good I think they do I just think that they all basically look the same listen there's some great upsides to owning a sports bike or dual sport unfortunately individualism is not one of those things.

Number Three

The number three reason to ride a harley-davidson is Comfort so I guess this one all depends on how you're using your motorcycle for me I put on a lot of miles almost 3,000 a month.

I ride two up and I go on long rides I couldn't even imagine doing that kind of riding hunched over on a sports bike again there are a lot of things that sports bikes offer but comfort just isn't one of them.

It all has to do with the riding position on a sports bike you're hunched over hugging the tank and getting blown around by the wind and don't even get me started on riding with a passenger

I guess it really all just depends on what is important to you if comfort is important to you then I would recommend going with a cruiser specifically a Harley I truly mean that I do very long group rides with a passenger it's very comfortable and we don't get blown around by the wind.

Number Four

The fourth reason that I'd recommend getting a Harley is a resale value any harley-davidson will hold its value better than any other motorcycle when you get ready to trade in your motorcycle or if you just need some cash you'll find that you'd do a lot better with a Harley.

than any other motorcycle name any branded motorcycle not named Harley Davidson now think of one of their bikes 10 15 or even 20 years old now think about trying to sell it and here's a reality you're just not gonna make out very well not as well as you do as with a Harley Davidson

Go on Craigslist and check out some of the older Harley Davidsons see what they're going for still then look up a 15 year old Kawasaki do the math on the depreciation and you'll see what I mean.

Number Five

The fifth and final reason that I say buy a Harley is community there are countless bike rallies and events to go to specifically tailored towards Harley Davidson writers and you don't have to look very far at all if you want to join some type of motorcycle club for Harley riders believe it or not Harley owners are a very diverse group when I first started riding Harley's

I was amazed by all the different types of people that I saw riding Harley's you name it we're out here I know it's clichebut riding a Harley really does have a built in Brotherhood so even if your motivation for choosing a Harley isn't resale value or comfort or making your bike look really cool, even if none of those things mean anything to you at least you'll probably make some new friends and nobody can be too cool for that as always right safe right off in peace you.

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