If you want your kids to enjoy various games without leaving your home, there are several indoor games that are perfect for kids. Some of these indoor games include the following:

Indoor Bowling Game

Basically, this involves taking a bowling ball that’s as big as basketball and 10 plastic bottles. These bottles are lined up in a pyramid or triangle shape. The player needs to hit the bottles through rolling the ball on the floor. The number of the bottles that a person may hit will equal be equals to the points that the player will get. Once you hit all bottles in one shot, the player will get bonus points.

Marble Rolling

This indoor game requires a particular amount of general knowledge on physics and hand and eye coordination because the goal is to roll the marble from the tube of the player to the next. Before this game, the player will require some cardboard rolls including wrapping paper cut into food long trough shapes. After that, look for a single marble, have the players stand 2-3 feet apart and watch as they try getting the marble to the next tube without dropping any marble to the floor. The players who drop marbles are out and the last player standing will win the game.

Table Tennis or Ping Pong

Table tennis is a sport, which can be enjoyed by people of any age or physical ability. The best players of table tennis are considered as some of the greatest athletes across the globe, but it’s enjoyed by countless of disabled people and those who are in the retirement homes. Playing this sport is a good way to stimulate one’s brain as well as encourage quick thinking while enhancing one’s hand and eye coordination.

Ping pong is also a low-injury risk sport, which keeps one flexible and fit without putting too much stress on the joints. Playing this sport increases the agility and flexibility of a person. On professional level, table tennis players have to react to the ball, move to about 5 feet, and do full body swing to return the shot by your best ping pong paddle. All of this can be done in half a second.


Made for critical thinking, geometry, and problem-solving skills, the puzzles are the perfect long day activity as these could take a few hours to complete. For the older kids, it might be best to buy puzzles with 500-1000 pieces to keep them busy for some hours. However, for younger children, they’ll be fascinated with making their own puzzles. Grab markers and cardboard, draw a fun picture and the parent may use scissors or a sharp knife to cut cardboards into different pieces that could fit together. Combine them and let the fun start.

Indoor Basketball

Kids can use any kinds of ball when playing indoor basketball. Let them play with their friends in your mini basketball court. This court can be of any size. As long as it has enough space for children to play basketball, kids can easily run around while playing with their friends.

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