Computer and IT (information technology) are two areas that offer various career opportunities. In every field there are many jobs that have the best career prospects and provide people with a satisfying career. People interested in these types of careers can further increase their employment opportunities by obtaining CompTIA certification. CompTIA certifications are known in the IT sector as proof of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of technologies and computer skills.

CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association offers varied IT certifications that can help you to get a well-paid job. The certificates offered by CompTIA cover many different fields, including IT security, computer base, Linux programming, computer networking, and more. Though, before you begin studying CompTIA, you need to decide which CompTIA certification will best suit your career goals and skills. CompTIA offers many certifications in key areas of technology, following are the CompTIA certifications that can help you to advance your career.

A+ (Plus):
For a person who wants to personally begin their career in the IT sector, CompTIA A+ certification is the best choice. A+ CompTIA certification proves that a person is well trained and has the skills needed to become a computer technician. Skills covered by CompTIA A+ certification include basic networking, installation, replacement and upgrade components, safety and troubleshooting, and preventative and maintenance procedures. The best thing about CompTIA a+ certification is that it is "vendor-neutral", which means that it is much more flexible than the other vendor’s certification.

Security+ (Plus):
For people who want to be an IT security specialist, CompTIA Security+ certification is the best choice. Security+ Certification is an advanced certification that confirms that a person can secure and strengthen network infrastructure, manage system security, and manage the security of an organization. CompTIA Security+ certification is especially valuable for individuals entering IT-related, health-related areas, as it is a minimum requirement for work in areas such as clinics, offices, physicians, and hospitals.

Network+ (Plus):
CompTIA Network+ certification confirms that a person has the necessary skills and knowledge to manage networks, troubleshoot network infrastructure, install components, and maintain hardware and software associated with networking. Network+ CompTIA certification is especially preferred by huge companies, because the demand for employees proficient to solve current network problems and engineering tough networks, is at an all-time high. The clarification is the fact that big companies tend to have a larger population of employees, which means that hundreds of thousands of virtual internal and inter-office communications take place every day.

Server+ (Plus):
The CompTIA Server+ certification certifies the knowledge and expertise of advanced IT technicians. Server+ CompTIA certified experts know areas such as SCSI and multiple CPUs, RAID, server troubleshooting capabilities, and disaster recovery. Although not required, CompTIA Server+ candidates are recommended to be A+ certified.

Many companies are aware of the importance of staffing technicians who can capably execute basic server support. Companies like CDW Computer Centers and CompuCom value CompTIA Server+ certification and want it in their IT staff.

CASP+ (Plus):
CompTIA CASP+ or CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification is an advanced level certification for those with advanced IT knowledge, skills, and training in the IT field. Attaining CASP+ CompTIA certification verifies your proficiency in risk management, enterprise security, integrating computing, communications, research and analysis, and business disciplines.

Above described certifications are some of the numerous certifications provided by CompTIA. Other certifications include CompTIA Cloud+, Linux+, ITF+, Data+, CySA+, PenTest+, Project+, CTT+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials+.

The very good news is that when a person obtains more specific CompTIA certificates, he becomes more desirable in the job market. As a result, employers looking for educated people in certain areas of IT are more likely to hire someone who is CompTIA certified than someone who does not. This makes it even more important for anyone looking for a job in the IT field to apply for CompTIA certification. CompTIA certifications not only give the persons more chances to find a job, but also the skills they need to succeed.

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