An anime is a hand-drawn or computer animation which is Japanese . The word is the shortened form of the word animation in Japanese, with the term referencing all animation. External to Japan, anime mostly refers to animation from Japan or a Japanese animation style marked by colourful and vibrant graphics and characters based on incredible themes.

People across the world instantly associate anime with Japan apart from its popular landmarks, tourist attractions and food. Even though anime has originated in Japan it has been trending across the globe, especially after online streaming for such content has become more ubiquitous.

Anime fans spend a lot of time browsing the latest news, listening to their favourite anime original soundtrack (OST), watching an episode or purchasing anime accessories. To accomplish these tasks easily, there are tools available to aid in accessing such content and products while you’re on the go and can be of great help.

The following mobile apps will prove useful to every anime fan and will find it handy wherever they go:

1. Anime Radio

This is a unique app which lets users listen to popular anime songs from different genres. It allows users to access exciting anime stations such as Anime Nexus, Anime Symphony, Otaku radio and more. Users can also get to view the titles of the songs being played on the specific station.
It is even more interesting to note that songs being played do not overlap each other, therefore the problem of simultaneous music playing is eliminated.

2. Anime Info

Most users would like watch every anime that is available on the internet, but are short on time. Such users might have other tasks involving work and study. Therefore it makes sense to narrow down the choices to the best ones possible.
Such information is best had from a source that is updated regularly and constantly. Anime Info is a holistic database for this purpose alone. It is filled with more than 8300 anime titles which are complete with the description of content, the release date, categories, ratings and more.

3. Otaku Shop

This is a priceless app that helps anime enthusiasts in purchasing genuine licensed anime goods. This app provides anime lovers with access to the very latest material that is trending in the market (in Japan and world-wide). Typical items that can be purchased include posters, action figures, static display pieces and toys, stickers and a whole lot more.
Obviously in such an online anime portal the complete product information along with pricing will be given. It’s every anime fan’s complete one-stop shop for all existing anime memorabilia.

4. Crunchyroll

This is the best site for anime streaming content and watching the latest updates of the anime that the user is following. This is the crème de la crème of the anime streaming apps that exist in the market, in terms of offering the highest number of episodes for anime across various genres. One will have the choice of opting for the free version or even the premium version with bonus features like watching episodes only an hour after it is actually aired.
This app offers high quality HD content and works across several mobile platforms and devices, treating anime fans to top-of-the-line graphic display as originally intended in its airing.

5. Uranime

Most users who watch anime might like to watch episodes of their favourite shows in a non-sequential fashion. This might lead to the possibility of the user losing his/her place in the roster of episodes or movies set up to watch. Some users may even leave an episode without watching it completely. This is where Uranime steps into the picture with its nifty features that let users keep track of their watch list (just like Netflix).


Anime fans and enthusiasts should always stay in touch with the latest tools that are trending, especially in terms of mobile apps. This will ensure the fans get their fill of brand new and exciting anime content without interruptions.
So what are you waiting for anime aficionados? Start downloading these exciting apps in their free and premium versions to stay on top of online anime trends!

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Torsi Utley is a founder of a small art studio, experienced educator. In the free time she enjoys blogging in different websites.