The field of medicine has made it possible for individuals to treat erectile dysfunction. It's commonly known as ED. Just like any other form of prescription, ED prescription work wonders when taken in the optimal condition. You need to understand these optimal conditions to have better effects and lessen risks of side effects. Are you searching for effective ways to take ED medication? Here are some of the superb tips that will make ED medication work effectively

1.Take ED medication 30-60 minutes before intercourse

You will note that most drugs used in treating erectile dysfunction
are taken an hour or less to have noticeable effects. It's to give the pill a chance to kick in before it becomes fully active.

You should take the medication too soon before intercourse. There are higher chances it may not be acting fast enough. It will end up leaving you in an awkward state where it isn't fully functioning. Always be prepared ahead of time.
You will have fun as it will be sufficient. That's not all. It is also useful in boosting confidence

2.Avoid fatty meals before using the ED medication

Did you know that heavy, fat meals can slow down the absorption of ED medication? If not, it's high time you avoid them before taking ED drugs. These foods slow down the absorption rate and prevent the drugs from working effectively.
If you find yourself consuming these meals, you need to wait for 2 hours before taking the medication. It's critical to give your body time to metabolize all the fatty contents before taking medication. Thus, you will have efficient results

3.Always check for a drug interaction before taking the medication

At times, you may find yourself taking other medicines for other illnesses. If you are experiencing high blood pressure or have a heart problem, you need to tread lightly. Always consult a medical professional concerning any possible interactions.
Before you go buying ED drugs from various stores such as Kamagra wholesale, your doctor should be aware. It’s to assist you in knowing any potential interaction risks. They will also avail expert assistance on all prescription as well as non-prescription drugs.

4.Treat ED as a healthy lifestyle and not only medication

All erectile dysfunction medications ought to get used responsibly. It makes sure an individual has very minimal risks of experiencing the side effects.
An individual can experience ED as a result of various illnesses. They include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol, among others. At times ED is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.
You need to be health-conscious and watch what you eat and how you exercise. By fixing these minor setbacks, you can improve on developing and sustaining an erection and thus making ED drugs less mandatory.


As always, it’s quite essential to talk to a doctor before you self-medicate. Before you result in purchasing drugs from any pharmacy, including Kamagra wholesale, know the possible side effects of a drug. You must watch your weight, BP, general health fitness as well as diet. A slight change in either could have a significant impact on not only your wholesome health but also your intercourse performance!

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