Shifting Affirmations can change your life! Hmm, At the first glance, it might seem like an exaggerating claim that some affirmations have the power to truly shape our life. But if you dig deeper, you can see that these simple words have a root in our thoughts and these thoughts are the real weapon to change anything in our life.

Try to consider the universe just like a mirror, then your life would be a reflection of your notions.

It can be said that our mindset is everything! It is the basis of our life because whatever we say and do is all based on how we think. Hence taking control over our thoughts can lead to having direct command of our lives.

In one sentence it appears that our mental image can create our reality! Because our thoughts are followed by actions. As a result, if our thoughts include motivational and encouraging content, our actions will follow.

However, you should bear in mind that thoughts aren’t everything. It is more like they're the fuel to the engine. And the engine is our action. So consider your mindset as a way of motivating yourself for taking successful steps toward a brighter future. And this is exactly where the shifting affirmations come in!

What are the benefits of positive affirmations?

According to the research, the average number of thoughts each person has per day is 6000. And it is interesting to know that 80 percent of these thoughts are negative. So imagine what a sabotaging effect these negative thoughts can have on our lives.

Instead, consider replacing this negative harmful outlook with desired shifting realities affirmations. Just as negativity can destroy our courage and enthusiasm, positivity can improve our self-esteem and self-confidence by helping us with believing in ourselves.

Eventually, shifting affirmations could help you become a more successful and satisfied person just by making you believe in yourself.

Moreover, affirmations can rewire your mind into becoming a more optimistic person, which would lead to a reduction in your stress and anxiety level.

This outcome can even improve your relationships and boost your physical wellness.

All in all, because desired reality affirmations help you beat your bad habits, they can improve your life quality.

Best way to use shifting affirmations

Shifting affirmations are not difficult to use, but they have an incredible impact on your life. The best time to use these affirmations is early in the morning, when you wake up, and at night, just before you go to bed.

However, there is no strict limitation and you can use them whenever you want. The best way to use shifting realities affirmations is by repeating or reading them over and over again.

Choose a few of them that you think they match your life and you like them the best.

You can write those few positive affirmations on your mobile phone, or you can even make some visual reminders for yourself.

For example, you can write them on sticky notes and keep them around. Actually, the one and only key to using shifting affirmations is "repetition" just do whatever that helps you repeat them frequently.

Daily desired shifting affirmations that change your life

1- peace starts within me

I love this one! I can feel peace all over me, and this makes me calm and in harmony with the universe.

2- I trust myself and I know I will be successful

A great affirmation! There is nothing I cannot do if I believe in myself.

3- I welcome positivity in my life

This one is my favorite! my shifting process usually starts with a similar sentence like this.

4- I only see love around me

I am surrounded by love and affection. Yes!

5- I choose to be happy

I choose happiness over sadness. Period!

6- I believe in my abilities

I am confident about my talents and the change I can make in the world.

7- I am complete and more than enough

As a whole, I am perfect. what a powerful affirmation!

8- I have a healthy and amazing body

My body has a great function and helps me live a beautiful healthy life.

9- I see beauty in everything

Everything around me is fully beautiful and complete.

10- I trust that universe will guide me to the best destinations

Everything that happens to me is part of a greater good that leads to perfection.

11- as I choose happiness, happiness comes toward me

When I decide to fill my mind with positivity, only positive things will happen to me.

12- I deserve the bests

I am worthy of all the good and beautiful things in life.

13- my changing process is going on in the best way possible

I am changing all the dysfunctional aspects of my life effectively.

14- I am taking steps towards creating my desired reality

I am getting close to achieving what I've always wanted to have.

15- everything I want can be found within me

The key to all my problems lies within me, I should just take a deeper look.

16- I am a great and valuable receiver

I can achieve anything I think about.

17- I am capable of changing my life successfully

I do everything to improve my life quality.

18- I already live in my desired reality

Everything I am surrounded by is just what I want.

19- I am courageous and brave

I am motivated to change my life in the best way possible.

20- I am strong and powerful

I can do everything I want and there is nothing I am not capable of. repeat this sentence again!

21- I feel secure in my desired reality

I am safe and secure and there is nothing threatening around me.

22- I will wake up and find myself in my desired reality

Soon I will be surrounded with whatever I want and I need.

23- there is no difficulty in shifting realities

I have the power and potentials to change my life to be ideal. Repeat this every day!

24- changing my realities is as easy as a piece of cake

The changes I am seeking can come true very easily.

25- I decide to neglect negativity

Thinking negatively is an energy vampire, so I choose optimism instead.

26- I believe I am ready to change

I am fully prepared to go towards my desired reality.

27- I will eventually end up living in my desired reality

I believe my desired reality is my destiny.

28- I believe I have already changed my life

These positive affirmations work successfully and help me achieve my desired reality.

29- I am faithful to my desired reality

I know my desired reality will come true.

30- I get close to my desired reality every time I breathe

My desired reality is happening smoothly. Say that again!


Positive affirmations help us to be focused on our strengths instead of our weaknesses. In the long run, they can improve our self-image and make us realize we are in charge of our thoughts, therefore in charge of our lives. So using desired reality affirmations can be a reliable way to improve our life quality.

What are you waiting for? Use positive affirmations to create a better life!

Let me know if you have ever used these affirmations in the comments.

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