Sometimes you don’t need a huge bike to have a lot of fun. The Honda CT70 minibike is still well-regarded, even though the last time it was sold in the United States was 1994. That is simply because it is just an enjoyable little vehicle. Nonetheless, if you own one today, you may want to make some updates and do a little maintenance work. These are a few modifications you may want to consider.

1) EBC Clutch Components

Event the best Honda CT70 OEM parts get worn down over time. Your clutch may be due for a rebuild to refresh some of the parts that tend to get damaged with use.

Start with the EBC CK Series Clutch Plates. If you have a slippery, worn-down clutch, these will immediately increase the friction. Additionally, they are built to a high standard of wear- and heat-resistance. So, you can be confident they will stay good for longer.
Also, replace your clutch springs with an EBC CSK Clutch Spring Kit. They are stiffer than stock and will help return that like-new feel to your clutch. It is also advisable to always change your springs when you install new plates.

2) Michelin S1 Tires

Tires are a consumable item on any vehicle. So, they need to be replaced from time to time. Why not upgrade to Michelin S1 tires? These capable scooter and minibike tires will give you the grip and control you want to confidently handle your Honda CT70.
Tire technology has come a long way since the Honda CT70 went out of production. So, you can be confident that modern tires will be significantly better than the OEM tires. You’ll be ready to take on even the tightest turns.

3) BikeMaster Stretch Net

While the Honda CT70 is a lot of fun, it isn’t exactly practical. For example, it can be difficult to store luggage like some spare casual wear if you are taking an overnight trip.

The BikeMaster Stretch Net is a luggage net to help you secure your possession more easily to your bike. It is designed for small vehicles such as scooters and minibikes. All you need is a little space to place your cargo and something to hook the net onto. It is an easy and practical way to gives yourself more storage.

Work on Your Bike

There is something truly meaningful about keeping an older bike such as a Honda CT70 running. With a few little modifications and refresh jobs, you can make sure your bike is as smooth-riding and practical as it was when it was new. Better yet, there is nothing like getting on a bike you’ve been wrenching on. You feel truly connected to your ride when you do the work yourself.

Getting yourself geared up properly is always a good ideal. For example, getting some motorcycle riding gear online means that you will be protected and ready for the road. While a Honda CT70 isn’t going to be winning on the drag strip, it is always best to be prepared. So, get the gear you need for your bike today.

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