Nowadays, people are attracted to the real estate sector and are investing money in this sector as the real estate industry has experienced a magical growth. Before making any decision on buying or selling a property, people prefer to do online research.

Although there is several real estate websites in India, people generally get confused about from which website they will get their property-related information. Online real estate portals will offer you many property options as well as some attractive offers.

Here is a list of 10 real estate websites in India, which offer the best property related information.

99 Acres
99 acres is at the top of the list of real estate websites in India. From this website, you can get information about buying, selling of property, and under construction or ready to move property in India. This website provides you information about the villa, apartment, or commercial property. This website offers a variety of property options regarding housing projects, locations, and societies.

The second most famous real estate portal in India is MagicBricks. This website is ideal for buying and renting properties. People, who buy properties through searching this website, are satisfied. However, if you want to resell your property, you should avoid MagicBrics.

Next, the leading real estate website is RealEstateIndia.Com for the buy and sell of property. This website provides a vast range of property options in any major city in India. You just choose a property according to your needs like budget, location, and BHK, etc. You can enlist unlimited properties for free on this website. Trusted by many property agents, RealEstateIndia.Com is surely emerging as the top real estate portal in India.

Quikr Homes
You can find a variety of property options on this website. The dates mention beside every listing make it easier for you to find which listing is new and which listing is old. Here, the owners can write the criteria of tenants. Therefore, this website saves time for both tenants and owners. This website enlists mid-segment homes, under-construction apartments, upcoming projects, luxurious spaces, and compact spaces.

Makaan website makes property lists in cities like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Pune. This website avoids clutter in listings by enlisting decent and limited numbers of properties. The website offers an option to sell or rent your property for free. However, this portal is beneficial for smaller cities, nonmetro cities.

Another famous real estate portal in India is housing. This website is known for the accuracy of its database. The data quality provided by the website satisfies people, who wish to buy or sell a property. This website offers property options outside India also.

Sulekha Properties
This portal covers property options in cities of South India, not North India. Though this website is quite congested, it is the cheapest real estate website offering local decent listings in smaller towns.

The unique feature of this website is that before buying you can compare the properties. You can search for the price of properties regarding size, location, BHK, etc. You can find here the services like identifying the property's life, Portfolio structuring, offering financial help, etc.

IndiaProperty provides in-depth information for smaller towns and cities. People can research price info, location info, and others on this website. Budgeted properties, ready to move in houses, independent homes, and more are listed in IndiaProperty portal.

Owners, builders, and agents can make one free listing of properties for selling or renting on this website. Lists are accompanied by thorough details and photos making it easier for you to search before you make any decision.

These websites provide you a virtual tour of properties in places where you wish to buy or sell the property. Before making any decision, be sure of the information details provided by these websites.

Author's Bio: 

Anurag Gupta is an esteemed member of RealEstateIndia.Com, one of the trusted real estate portals in India. He keeps sharing his extensive research in the field of Residential/Commercial Properties in India through his insightful articles.