Sometimes we think we are familiar with the right pronunciation of certain words, only to discover we have been saying the wrong words for a long time. In this article, we will be counting down of top 10 food items you are probably pronouncing wrong.

10. Acai:

People who are not too familiar with this may pronounce it as a chi; however, the real pronunciation of this trendy berry is acai. This food comes from an acai palm tree mainly found in South America and Brazil whose name is derived from Portuguese.

The fruit is this tree is mostly used in preparing juice and smoothies; they contain a high amount of antioxidants.

9. Sherbet:

In the United Kingdom, sherbet refers to all things from sweet candy powder, and in Western and Southern Asia, it is referred to as beverage favored. When placing orders from the frozen dessert menu, lots of North Americans often mispronounce the food as sherbert, a fruit-flavored treat mostly found in restaurants and shops around the country.

Sherbet which contains little butterfat differs from the French sorbet which is a dairy-free treat.

8. Espresso:

Many of us are familiar with this Italian coffee, it is often pronounced by many as expresso instead of espresso, replacing the S with X.

Although some stubborn coffee drinkers still stick with the wrong pronunciation of this coffer, Garner’s modern American usage still maintains that the pronunciation is incorrect.


This food which consists of grilled bread, garlic olive oil, salt and sometimes topped with basil and tomatoes if often mispronounced by most people when placing an order.

However, they are usually corrected while ordering.

6. SiRacha:

This spicy Thai condiment is very famous in North America. Many make mistakes in pronouncing this food as sriracha instead of Si Racha. To pronounce the food correctly, those who prepare the sauce recommend removing the first R in SiRacha.

5. Yet oh (gyro):

This Greek delicacy may be surprising to many people, but the actual way to pronounce this classic food of rotisserie meat is yet oh instead of gyro. The person taking your order will be impressed if you get the pronunciation of this delicacy right.

4. Pho:

This is one of the famous Vietnamese culinary exports served in most restaurants. Many people who are new to this meal may make mistake pronouncing this food as foe, but it is actually pronounced as Fuh.

3. Quinoa recipes :

This harvested grains has gained popularity over the years with many using it as a substitute for pasta or rice in their meals. People make mistake of pronouncing it as Quin OA or Qin OA instead of quinoa. The first time these seeds were harvested was in South American countries; however, they have gradually made their way to dinner tables worldwide.

2. Gnocchi:

You may be familiar with this food if you patronize Italian dishes often, and if you haven’t tasted this meal, you are missing out. However, before you place an order, you should know this meal is pronounced as Naki with a silent G.

1. Worcestershire sauce:

English natives may not find the pronunciation of this food difficult, but others have come up with funny sounds when mentioning this food. Many pronounce is as wore-Chester-shire, instead, pronounce it as Worchester–sure.

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