Medbarrier, the name says it all, the barrier from germs, the barrier from dust, the barrier from microbes the barrier from all of the harmful particles which could get inside your body from the passage of nasal cavity or oral cavity and can make you sick. Medbarrier keeps away all such things and provides you with ultimate protection by manufacturing three layered surgical face mask and five layered KN95 face mask under extreme hygienic conditions

The planet is suffering and the human kind is the culprit

Since last year when the pandemic broke out the human kind realized, what he has done to this motherly planet and how important it was to cover faces with either a surgical face mask or a KN95 face mask for long because of extreme pollution. The pandemic opened our eyes and emphasized upon the practices. The practice of cleanliness, the practice of thinking about our surrounding, the practice to take actions for making the planet safe for us and for coming generations. The practices man had been ignorant about for quite a while, and was creating damage to the earth in order to buy comfort for himself, and by extreme industrialization.

The excess of everything is bad

The excess carbon waste is the biggest culprit for all the pollution which is damaging our planet. The eco-system has a rhythm in it, and it’s all about balance. Balance is beautiful and as they say the excess of everything is bad, indeed they say it right. Today, the excess of carbon is shaking the rhythm of nature and responsible for ozone depletion which leads to meltdown of glaciers at the poles of the planet and man is facing some of the outrageous weather conditions, in the name of climate change. Climate change is real and it is effecting our planet every day and the situation may get worse if we do not take action to control it.
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The steps are taken to control pollution

Pollution is the biggest problem the world is fighting with for long. Hence in 1992 the Kyoto protocol was signed among many countries. The treaty puts light upon the increase in global warming and its effects on the planet and how they can be countered. More or less 84 countries signed this treaty and endorsed the cause by controlling the emission of greenhouse gases. The protocol’s second commitment period got finished in December of 2020. The world is slightly moving towards electronic gadgets, as the first electronic car is already invented, and hybrid cars are in use by the masses already.

Together we can make wonders

The pandemic no doubt has hit the world in all the awful ways, but the few good things it taught us are beneficial for our future. Now, we wash hands, stay clean, not throw garbage on the streets. The governments are taking steps for proper waste management. Pakistan is actively taking part and banned plastic bags, so the pollution could be reduced. Make sure, that all of you dump the masks properly after using them. As it has become and essential, be sure you wear a surgical face mask or a KN95 face mask at all times when in public. You can also buy these face mask online easily. Be a responsible citizen, wear them and spread awareness about the matter as together we can make wonders.

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