As far as every year’s result or outcome goes the result of CA exams might disappoint many students because in today's generation student often get nervous too quickly and it's not their fault. After all the hard work and dedication that a student has given towards the exam if he/she fails in either one group the students get demotivated. Test series are the best way to ensure that you get the best practice and understanding about the exam. What I really mean from this is that you will be given the exact difficult level of exam as well as good quality questions and remarking about your test will be done, so that you can understand about the actual exam and how it will happen.

At GM test series we also have other mock test series for the exams like CS (company secretary), CMA (certified management accountant), as one of the oldest sources from whom the scholars can get the benefit of relevant and best quality test series, GM team has been consistently improving the services and incrementing the branches of test series for other departments also.

Why gm test series:

• Test series based on latest pattern
• 24*7 doubt solving
• Questions are always prepared by subject wise experts
• Complimentary study material and MCQs
• Live video sessions
• All India ranking and toppers mark sheets

Our team of CAs is always available for the students who want guidance in anything related to their particular test series and also it will be done through either a simple call or live video session which happens daily to discuss the mistakes of every student who has attempted the test series. We also provide ranking to all the aspirants to inspire the student to do their best. The test series is based on the latest pattern by ICAI. As of last year, GM test series had more than 10,000 registrations for the test series of CA course alone. We also have an Android and IOS app now so you might want to experience the portability of using the app. Registration is very easy process and takes no time to enroll for the test series you prefer and attempting it after buying.
• Download the Test after completing the registration
• Attempt the Questions on a notebook
• Scan the pages or click photos serial wise
• Upload the sheets as Pdf or Page by page on portal
• Evaluation will be done by experienced faculty
• Checked sheets along with Rank & suggestions will be given in 1-2 days

Test series plays an essential role in the practicing of CA exams, as practicing is the key to enhance your progress of learning the concepts. The vast syllabus of CA final is the sole reason that so many students often fail to clear the final stage of CA exam and get de-motivated and feel like all hope is lost. The foundation is often regarded as the easiest level because of the amount of subjects that one needs to learn (i.e., four subjects) on the other hand the intermediate level has 8 subjects and IPCC has one less subject that is 7 subjects.

CA final stage contains around 8 subjects but the 6 section is divided into 6 different subjects from A to F. Time management and presentation is an important skill to learn before attempting the actual exam and most students have the same issues in this section only. You need to complete the test in time without any anxiety or stress because you might write the wrong answer or wrong calculation. The team of CAs at GM are always ready to help students in every way possible either you are feeling de-motivated or having any problem in any concept our expert faculty is available 24*7 for you. The test series is based on the latest pattern of ICAI the official CA exams conductor. The evaluation of your mocks are done the professional faculty and will be provided to you in less than 2 days, the full report of your exams along with the improvements you can do will be available too. Free lectures and notes or study material is also available on the website and in the APP also you can download it from the play store and provide a rating about your experience

How it works:

1. Register at GM test series through APP or Website.
2. Select your preferred test series and purchase.
3. Complete your test on notebook.
4. Click photos or scan the test pages and submit it.
5. Your test will be checked in less than 2 days and will be available for you.

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