Taking care of your car's tires is something that goes beyond the appearance of the vehicle. When you correctly maintain your tires, you are at the same time obtaining important benefits such as better fuel efficiency, saving money by preventing damage before their projected useful life, and most importantly, protecting your life and that of yours, by being able to travel more safely in your car. 

  • Maintain adequate pressure: The balance here is vital. If you lack pressure or if you put too much pressure, accidents can occur in certain circumstances.
  • Be very careful when turning the tires: It is obvious that when driving a car, you have to change direction, but we must avoid that this turn is made abruptly. This violent change of direction, especially at high speed, can lead to wear and tear.
  • Carry out a constant check of the tires: This will help you identify damage to the tires well in advance to avoid breaks or accidents.
  • Use tires of the same size: It is not advisable to vary the size of the tires between the front and rear wheels. Unless a specific design of the brand brings that type of particularity, we must always work with the same type of tire.

Basically, two types of tire maintenance are handled, the preventive and the corrective.

Preventive maintenance tries to make constant checks that avoid tire problems. In that way, in advance, we avoid accidents and problems with our car.

Corrective maintenance is carried out when a problem has been detected in the tires, and we must make the correction through the attention of a workshop with specialized technicians.

Do not place excessive load on tires with lower capacity

It is an issue that we must review when acquiring our car or making a tire change. Exceeding the limit weight that the tires can handle can result in tire breakage, various damages, and even in the explosion of the tire.

Use of rebuilt tires

Although there are known cases in which someone has come out of an emergency situation with a rebuilt tire, it should be taken into account that these types of tires do not enjoy any guarantee, and without having factory insurance or formal design, they can end up exposing them accidents of all kinds.

Remanufactured tires are often presented as a great opportunity for savings, but this potential savings also represents great risks, which is why all experts recommend avoiding the use of tires of this type as much as possible.

The useful life of tires depends on their maintenance and care

All tires must have a useful life of more than 20,000 miles at least, but this will always depend on their proper maintenance and taking care of them during use so as not to expose them to extreme conditions or various unfavorable situations.

Changing your tires

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