When you started your business you thought you would be working less, instead you find yourself working more. Here are a few tactics to help increase your efficiency so that you can work less and enjoy life more.

Organize your office.
* Go paperless - scan your paper files and place in folders with descriptive names on your computer. Do the same for each new piece of paper you receive.
* Set up your computer files to match your paper files.
* Client files – Folders for each client
* Accounting files – Folders to hold receipts, bills, tax forms, etc
* Administrative files – Folders to keep track of
* Marketing files – Folders to keep copies of all your marketing materials - Web site, business card/flyer/brochure, presentations, etc.
* Put the items you use often within reach.
* Give yourself something nice to look at – family pictures, flowers, and inspirational sayings.

Develop the self-employment mindset
* Make your business something you are passionate about, something you would do even if you didn’t have to.
* Keep track of everything, small advances are very encouraging.
* Start the day dressed for work.
* Let the family know that once you enter your office you are no longer available; you have left for work.
* Start and end the workday at the same time every day.
* Once you enter your office, leave all personal tasks behind, and once you leave your office, leave all work behind.
* Schedule meetings & appointments during your personal peak time.
* Create a time during non-peak hours to handle paperwork.
* Leave the office for lunch and dinner.
* Identify things that UNmotivate you, and avoid or change those things.
* Reward yourself when you reach goals, no matter how small; rewards can be a splurge on expensive advertising for the business or a personal splurge to celebrate your success.

Create Systems
* Create a “to-do” list that prioritizes your tasks, 1. Must be completed today, 2. Must be started today, 3. Should be started today
* Make sure your “to-do” list includes marketing, billing, research, and reading
* Use a “follow-me” phone system that lets you determine when calls should be routed to your office and when calls should be routed to voicemail.
* Make sure your voicemail message requests all the information you need to return phone calls, and the caller knows when to expect a return call
* Have a set time to return phone calls and email, and don’t stop working to answer the phone or email.
* Use an application like Plaxo to keep your database up-to-date
* Create templates and a complete sample of forms and documents you use on a regular basis, including contracts, proposals and welcome packets.
* Set up email filters so that incoming email goes into categorized folders and you won’t have to spend time sorting through email.
* Be sure clients are aware of your business hours and know when you are available and how quickly you respond to a message
* Divide your day into 30 or 60 minute blocks, and schedule your tasks within those blocks.
* Back up your computer data every day.

Take a moment to relax
* Work out
* Take a walk
* Get a facial
* Read to the kids
* Have a candlelight dinner – yes, even with yourself!

Outsource routine tasks
* Let your Virtual Assistant handle all your correspondence, including email and phone calls.
* Let your Bookkeeper handle your billing, and keep track of your expenses.
* Let your Web site Designer design and maintain your Web sites.
* Let your Online Business Manager generate Web site traffic, and submit your articles and press releases.
* Let Schwanns.com or Netgrocer.com deliver your groceries.

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