It is important to know some aspects so that your pet is full of vitality and health.

Having a dog implies great responsibility. Although the tips to take care of your pet are simple, you should know that they will be for the rest of her life, therefore, taking care of your dog, or that dog that you intend to adopt is not an easy task.

In addition to providing basic things such as food, water, the vet or exercise, there are other tips that are important for your pet to be happy and in good health. To get more tiops don’t forgot to visit on:

- Pet your dog. A loving treatment is highly advisable for the health of your pet. Take some time of the day to spend with your dog and get some quality time. Take the opportunity to caress her, hug her, or give her a relaxing massage on her legs and thighs.

- Make his exercise. Take a few minutes out of your day to play with him, whether it's throwing a ball or taking a long walk in the park.

- Educate your dog. The education of the pet should include mealtimes, outings, spaces where it can sleep, elements with which it can play, the place to relieve itself, etc. Learning all these things guarantees a good adaptation of the dog to the home.

- Reward their good behavior. When your dog does something that you asked or responds to a certain type of training, praise him and reward him either with treats, strokes or toys.

- Visits to the vet. Among the care that an animal needs, regular visits to the veterinarian are important where they get the vaccines and the mandatory chip.

- Food. It is important for dogs to eat well. Talking with the vet will help us to know the necessary nutrients for our pet according to its breed, physical condition, and weight.

- Animal hygiene. It is important to keep your pet's hygiene up to date: ears, mouth, and hair.

3 activities for dogs at home:

Tug of War: Grab one of their favorite toys like a bone or rope and, without letting go, allow your dog to chew on it to start the battle. Let your dog win once in a while to make it more fun for him. This is a good physical exercise.
Scavenger hunt: show your dog a snack and tell him to stay put, then go hide him somewhere else in the house and ask him to go in search of it. This will help strengthen your dog's smell and intelligence.
Agility training: design a small circuit with homemade obstacles of all kinds for your dog to travel over and over again, you can take advantage and do the route together with him so that you are also active.

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