Open plan floor layout is a growing trend that home buyers are looking for these days. As stunning and elegant as it might appear, pulling it off is not easy to manage. If the open plan floor is not laid out accurately, it can dull the warmth and privacy of your space. It won’t be as beautiful as you thought it would be, just because you are probably not arranging your furniture and other décor items properly with it. If you are looking for tips to rock your open plan living floor layout, then you have stopped by the right place. We have put together some simple ways through which you can make your living room floor add the right amount of spark to your space and look unique too.

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1. Rearrange your furniture, away from the walls:

Most of us like our sofas attached to the walls. We usually don’t leave much space between the two. This is where you are going wrong, if you have an open plan floor layout for your living room. You need to craft the space that you want, to add the right amount of warmth and delicacy to it. Try to keep as much furniture away from the walls as you can.

2. Cohesive Color Scheme:

If you have an open floor plan for your living floor then you need to ditch the idea of wallpapers or patterns on the walls. You need to stick to a solid color. Also ditch the idea of going with different colors. It won’t sync well with the floors and will distort the outlook of the entire space. If you want grey, then stick with grey overall. If you are going for white; then white it is!

3. Pay attention to the Ceiling:

If your floor looks epic; so should your ceiling. You need to pay attention to it and plan a ceiling that is elegant and goes well with your entire space. Don’t mix and match to awaken the inner designer within you. Make sure that you make a wise pick for the ceiling.

4. Round Furnishings are MAGICAL:

When it comes to open floor plans, round furnishings can add the extra magic that you want them to. Why? They soften the open plan floor and make it appear warm. Try this trick and you can thank us later.

5. Décor with the right elements:

Additional décor is the magical element in any space and with an open plan floor layout, you need to make sure that you are investing in the right décor items. Adding portable things can be a good idea. Don’t overdo the décor but do it accurately!

You can easily rock and roll the open plan floor for your living room, by following some simple tips. It is definitely an eye-catcher.

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